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Downloading image from roll20 to computer?

I made a token for my game, then deleted the image from my computer like the silly I am, and now I need to change the token, but I don't have any access to it. Can I save it somehow from my game/library?
As far as i know you can only upload images from your computer to roll20. You can't download images from roll20 to your computer. I would suggest that you go on the web and see if you could re-download your token or see if you can restore your token from the trashcan on your desktop.
Mmm, I could remake it, but it's a bit of a bother. I'll probably not bother(it's very much a non-issue, but it just annoys me), just hoping I could somehow easily get it done.

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Check out  this thread for a snippet by Aaron (and some suggestions by me) for a means to download any of the images in your art library. I assume it still works, but I haven't actually tried it since the changes to the art library layout.
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I found a work-around for this. Bring your token onto a map and select it. Press "Z", which should bring a zoomed in image onto your screen. If you right-click on the zoomed image (using Chrome, I'm not sure about other browsers), you'll get a menu with the option to save the image.

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Highlight your Token - press "Z" to zoom - Right Click - "Save Image As"... works on Firefox as well.

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Alternate method, if Z doesn't work for some reason. Just set it as the Avatar of a character (open character sheet, click Edit, drag the image from your art library), and Right-Click Save-As once it is set to download.