LFG Weekends (any game) newbie

Hi I am looking to get into a game. I have played D&D before but I was a kid and have almost no memory of it but have been listening to some podcasts and they caught my interest to get back into something. I am a little intimidated at trying to figure everything out on my own and will need some help regardless of game but I am smart and a quick study. I do not have a preference for a game just something that will run preferably long term on weekends. I am an aspiring writer and think being a DM would be a good way to test out some smaller stories but I do not want to start there. For now I just want to play would prefer a heavier story but more importantly for now I just want to get my feet wet, learn a game and the system and as a newbie I am feeling intimidated so thought I would see what kind/if i would get responses with a bit about me and what im looking for. Thanks for looking!
Andrew R.
Sheet Author
You should put your time zone in your profile and post. It helps GMs and players choose you.