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DnD 5e compendium error for magic missile

Hello all, New Roll20 user here, creating my first character for my first game.  I noticed an error in the compendium, and it looks like this is the place to report bugs. Magic Missile IS: 3d4 + 3 damage SHOULD BE: 3 * (1d4 + 1) damage For those not versed in statistics, let me know if you need me to explain the difference.  The short of it is that 3d4 results in a gaussian distribution, while 3 * 1d4 is a flat distribution.  Not to mention 3d4 + 3 can give you numbers not divisible by 3, and the spell needs to be divisible into three bolts. Thanks for reading!
Roll20 Mod Team
Hi, Shane S. Please see the Magic Missile Spell section of the Roll20 Wiki for an explanation of why the Magic Missile spell is set up this way in the 5e Compendium.