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A DC for different types of backflips

(So I had no idea were to post this so I think this was the best option.)  I was a player in a 5e game for a while, a human cleric to be exact, when the GM said a person was approaching us. Us being a silly group me and my friend wanted to back flip up from sitting down. We simply just wanted to do the action not trying to impress anyone. We had to make a check to do this. My friend rolled a 20 with a plus 2 and succeeded while I rolled a 15 with a plus 2. My GM however said I failed and I took damage. The group argued for a bit and it started a discussion on back flips. This happened a while ago but it still has me thinking, what does everyone do for back flips in game? Depending on what kind of back flip they do and how they do it what DC's do you set for your players? Like simple back flips or very complex back flips such as back flipping over someone?       
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