[LFG] [5e/Pathfinder] [GMT+2/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday] Player looking for a second group to play for during the week (Preferably early EST)

Greetings, salutations, ahoy matey, and whatever other manner people greet each other, Not too long ago I posed on the forum as well, looking for a group. After a bit of searching I found a group, a more roleplay based group that I'm quite liking so far, but it hasn't quite sated my thirst for more DnD/roleplay, hence why I'm looking for a DnD group that could play for during the week. While I'm not super experienced, I am learning, and I have two characters ready to go in case for a campaign. If anyone has a campaign that they want to start, or if anyone has a campaign going, but has spot for a new player, I'd happily join in. Please PM me the details and maybe we can talk everything through. For now, this has been it. If questions need be asked, ask away, or PM me them and I'll happily answer them as soon as I can. For now, I bid you all adieu. Age: 23. Location: The Netherlands. (GMT+2, I believe it's called). Experience: About a month's worth of DnD 5e experience. - Ze Afro Gentleman
Hi if you're willing to use Discord I'm willing to play I've about 4 - 5 years of experience now in both Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 and right now I'm learning DND fifth edition
Hello Jessica S. I prefer using Discord for voice chat overall. I've used Skype before, but I think Discord is much easier to use. My Discord is Ze Afro Gentleman#3947, so, if you're looking for new players for your group, I'm game for a DnD 5e or Pathfinder game (although my preference is in Pathfinder personally, but if the group wants DnD 5e that's fine with me too). - Ze Afro Gentleman
Time for a bump! I'm still looking for a group!
Still looking for a group. If you know a group, PM me or add my Discord. I'm in some desperate need/want of some DnD.