[LFP] [Homebrew Sci Fi Campaign]

Hey guys! I am looking to fill one last spot for my recently started Sci Fi campaign. It's based on DnD5e, but I have some of my own custom elements built in as well. I don't have a ton of free time to type everything out right now, but I would love to explain it all over voice chat in Discord. I'm looking for somebody who loves RP!  We don't have set dates or times, we generally just play whenever our schedules allign, which is generally 1-2 times a week. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bg0NxFcfo7hNXr...

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I would absolutely love to join this game. I'm never used SciFi settings, but I've had much longer experience with DnD. I've also recently joined Roll20. Although I do believe I could quickly learn these SciFi elements. I also absolutely love RP/social encounters. Could some still play a magic using class, and would my character start from level 1? Thank you so much for your consideration. 
I've sent you a PM!
would like to join if not to late