Looking For Players For A D&D 5e One Shot On Thursday October 19, 7:30 CDT PM


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In a silver tomb on a mountain, once used by a group of knights a spell-caster awaits for anyone to challenge his plans. The only people who immediately challenge him is a group of adventures who stumble upon this tomb. This adventure will take about three hours, and a program called Discord will be used for voice chat. New and old players alike are more than willing to join this game. Characters will start from Level 1, and I only allow races/class Player's Handbook and Volo's Guide To Monster's to be used. f you'd like to join please comment below with the following: 1 Your level of experience with D&D 2 Character Race and Class 3 One or two lines about your character's personality Feel free to also add any questions for me, and I'll try to answer as soon as possible. I'll also PM a few people who respond a link to join the Discord Group and Game. Thank you for reading. 
Hi Emilia, I would be interested in joining this one-shot adventure, it sounds like a lot of fun: 1.  I am fairly new to Roll 20, but I know the basic rules for D&D 5e, and I am currently running my first campaign as a DM.  I love meeting others who are learning the game and working together to build a great story. 2.  I would love to play a Halfling Rogue, character name is Toldrick Slipfoot 3.  As far as personality, I see my character as someone fascinated by the tales of lore and lost knowledge of the past.  He has no formal academic training, but pursues treasure hunting and dungeon crawling as a way to find out more about history and lost knowledge.  He is definitely not a typical rogue who goes around picking pockets and joining thieves' guilds.  More of an amateur historian and explorer.  But of course, his curious nature sometimes gets him into trouble and in over his head.  So he likely teamed up with some other brave adventurers on this latest expedition. I hope there is room in the game, and I look forward to hearing more.  Have a great night! Brian
Hi Emilia, I'm a DM on a regular weekly basis for a year now. I would like to play as an introvert human wwizard or a firblog druid looking for a missing tome on druidic nature.  Thanks!