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See bars even when they are turned off


Edited 1507484040
I cannot figure out how the damage bars work.  I have the token permissions set to no see for bars 1,2,3 but I can still see the actual red bar across the top of the token.   I want the players to NOT see the bars going across the top of their token as I use a script to show the color of their health as they get damaged.  What am I doing wrong?  I want an individual player to of course see the Bubble for their bar 123 but I don't want an actual bar to show across the screen for all to see.  Other players only clues should be the color of the haze around the token (which works great) but I can't get rid of the damage bar showing. Any help? EDIT: It seems that by removing the 2nd entry in the bar  8/8  I can get the bar to not display.  Is this the way to set it up for my Shaped sheet tokens?  How would I get that setting out of my companion script?? I thought I had it all set up correctly.
Scott C.
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If you remove the second number, it'll also remove the max of the linked attribute for the token (I'm guessing you don't want that). When you have changed the vision permissions, are you looking at the tokens as a gm, or a player? As a gm, you will see the bars regardless of the vision settings, your players won't see the bars unless they control the token.
So I had to go in and make sure that the sight on box 3 was not checked.  Not sure why I missed that.