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[Rifts] GM LFP to add to group (newbie friendly). @saturdays +5EST.


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I run a Rifts campaign ( for those unfamiliar with the game: think ad&d, meets robotech, meets cyberpunk, meets the final fantasy ). We have 4 players, and looking for add 1-2 more people to flesh the group out. We run every Saturday starting at 7pm(ish) EST. It can run until 2-3AM depending on how its going. Who we are looking for: New people to tabletop or rifts are welcome, all books and material is supplied by us. No previous experience with the system is required, everyone had to start somewhere! but teamspeak is a must for voice chat, 2 of our current players are brand new to tabletop, and 2 are old D&D players. All that's required is willingness to play, and desire to get into the game and be part of the group. We are very forgiving about not knowing the rules set or world as all of us are re-refreshing ourselves on it. We have a very laid back play style. Fun while playing is the #1 goal over all others. Type of group we are: We prefer 18+ players due to our age ourselves. I'm 40, and the 2 old timer D&D players are 30+. The others are 27, and 17 (hes my son and getting him into tabletop). But don't get us wrong, we can be outright silly at times, and humor is a big part of the night out of character about things ingame. About the gameplay: I don't stick directly to the canon of Rifts, since its so contradictory, vague, and sometimes just random..Its more based around the world of rifts and what it is, than the timeline canon story of it. If you have previous rifts experince, this one will probably not be like that one :) I just started running it about 2 months ago, and haven't ran rifts for 10+ years and Rifts rules are... not friendly to find in the books at times say the least, so random times a pause of " I cant remember, lets look that up its in one of the 50 books in some obscure place " happens and we cant find it. So sometimes we wing it, until the rule can be dug out of the depths of the books and adjust gameplay with it from that point on. House rules to simplify some of the overly complex parts are used. I run a sandbox type of game. I set the world up and what is going on where, give the world a spin to get it going, and what happens to the characters depends on the choices they make off situations they are given, and what they do. Nothing is set in stone, there is no rails to follow, You could end up lost in the woods due to some bad rolls and not a single clue or hint what to do next. Its not a dead end there is always options, but its up to the players where to go, or what to do at that point. Player creativity and ideas of how to approach it are encouraged, Nothing is a stupid idea ..just maybe a futile one. Metagaming is highly discouraged. Player character knowledge used ingame is a no-no. You may have seen X creature in the book, but if you fail a lore check, your character has NO idea what that thing is. If interested, send me a message or reply. I can get with you and talk, see if this is the type of group you'd enjoy.

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We have found one. Only need one more to make a well rounded 6 man party. come join us :)

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I am interested in joining Rifts! Skype is Logic41ways email is my Roll20Name @

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Hi Techno! Perhaps you have Gtalk(hangouts)? I can message you on there. If not email can work for me also. I do have Skype, but its sadly its a work related usage only. Dont like mixing friends and work on it.
Hi, I'm only 16 but Im mature and willing to play. I mostly play pathfinder and DnD 3.5 but this sounds pretty interesting. If you still have room might I be able to join you? Your time also fits my schedule well.
Hi there! I just stumbled across your post and have become very interested! However I am not 18+. If there is room left I would love to join. I have been looking for a group to join like this for a while now and this seems like a good opportunity.
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Noah and Cheung we are full for now :( Got 2 people that seem to mesh well with the group. In a few weeks perhaps we can get a few more, dont want to throw too many new characters into an existing group all at once :)
Alright. Thank you for getting back to me.
I would like to express interest in playing as well. I haven't played rifts / Palladium in since 80s/ 90s. I have most of the rifts source books and rule books and also a variety of other sourcebooks ( TMNT , Heroes unlimited so on and so forth) been looking to get back into tabletop RPG and rifts is by far my favorite.
If you ever need another player, let me know!
I first started playing the Palladium system 20 years ago, and I love it. If you have an opening for another player, I would to jump in. Let me know!
We are currently looking to recruit a couple new players for this game. If you're interested or have any questions you can get in contact with the GM or myself or leave a message here. We usually start the game at about 6-7pm CDT (GMT -5 presently) Saturday evening and continue until at least midnight. If you'd like to see what's been going on in the game to find out if it's to your taste you can read our journal here .
We are still looking for one or two new players. Newbies are welcome! The only things you need is a mic and teamspeak. We'd prefer you be 18+. Most of us have known each other for quite a while, so we're pretty lighthearted and like to have fun. But we appreciate it when we're able to really get into the game and our characters. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a msg or reply here. =)
YES, I would love to play. I hadn't logged into R20 for a while now since I wasn't getting any "hits" for games that I could play. How long do your play sessions last?
Mark, I sent you a pm. =)
Yes I am still interested. How many players do we have, and what are the characters? This will help me spin up a char idea
Interested in joining as well. Never played Rifts, but willing to learn and looking for a steady Saturday group.