my newbie questions...

Hello, I'm PRO since yesterday. I want to use the simple Ammo script (OGL DD5) I installed it on the sandbox. but the problem is that I do not know how to use it in the game i'm a noob i know :)
If all you want to do is track ammo, I would suggest that you look at the "5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion" script.  It has ammo tracking and spell tracking features on it that are fairly straight forward to use. After installing the companion script above, run !5estatus to make sure that ammo tracking is on, then: 1) Drag a longbow (or other ranged weapon) from the compendium so that an attack entry is made 2) Drag arrows (or other ranged ammunition) from the compendium so that a resource entry is made 3) Edit the longbow (or other ranged weapon) attack and ensure that the ammunition line matches the resource name (Arrows). Now each time that you click on the Longbow attack the Arrows resource will decrease automatically.
cool ! it's work , but speel slot remaning doesn't work, it say "SPELL SLOT LEVEL NaNALL SLOTS EXPENDED"
Cetra said: cool ! it's work , but speel slot remaning doesn't work, it say "SPELL SLOT LEVEL NaNALL SLOTS EXPENDED" Try going into the spells where this problem occurs and swapping it from ATTACK to SPELLCARD and then back (or vice versa).
Good !  it work !
another question . i just installed  GroupInitiative script. I do not know how to assign the initiative modifier to the throws of dice, by default it uses the dexterity value..
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If you're using the OGL, you'll just need to run these commands: !group-init --del-group 1 !group-init --add-group --bare initative_bonus Then running this: !group-init With tokens selected will do the right thing. Check out the help for more options and configuration: !group-init --help
thank's it work !! :), i'm really noob with API ^^
what is the script that allows a player to make a secret dice roll or only the GM sees the result (not even the player who rolls the dice) ?
Powercards allows this kind of blind rolling.
i play on DD5 ^^
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Powercards is really a fairly general purpose output formatter at this point.  You don't need to use it just for 4th edition DnD.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet that many more people use it on other systems.
I've used Powercards for Pathfinder, 4e, 5e, 13th Age, and a few other systems.  Powercards existed before roll templates, and is a player-side roll-formatter that does so much more than roll templates do.  Sadly, the creator is no longer on the forums, but the script itself is in a good state and quite usable, if you have the time and patience to learn how to use it.  :)
I would watch this :) question : is there a script that can block the movement of the player's token and / or limit the movement? ^^
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Kind of.  There is TokenLock which can prevent a token from being moved (except when it's that token's turn) and there is a Token Collisions script I don't know much about.
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GenKitty said: Sadly, the creator is no longer on the forums Honey Badger changed his name to SkyCaptainXIII, and then to just Sky. His last post was just three weeks ago.
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I'm well aware of the name transitions, and as a Moderator I can safely assure you that Sky no longer is on these forums.

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I'm looking for a script that would put a countdown during the players turn. it exists ?
Are you talking about counting rounds, or an actual timer?
I thought of a counter during the rounds of fighting. a timer might also be interesting. my goal is to accelerate  my players who often take their time during combat's turn 

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I have a problem with the ammo script. '' SPELL SLOT LEVEL 1 1 OF 2 REMAINING '' (this is an example). does not appear for all caracters sheet created. the new wizard does not have this option when he casts his spells.  Ammo tracking doesn't work for this caracters too
check the settings with the broken character sheet im sure some settings are off. 
No it was active, but I found while looking a little. if there is a space after the name of the character in the sheet, it makes bugger some things (like the ammunition, the slot of spell or some script (longrest for example) :)
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Glad you figured that out, Cetra ; that's a difficult issue to pin down. (Probably worth making a post about in the sheet's main thread !)