Dark Mode

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Not sure if this has been asked before but, is there any chance on a option to change out the colour on the site from default white background with black text to a custom or even just a dark mode. Black or grey background with white or grey text? Being up late and having a bright white screen can tax the eyes.  Just curious.
I would love a "night-mode" feature. Perhaps a little button on your profile to switch it back and forth.
Such a thing exists, and is pretty easy to do. Install the browser plugin  Stylish , and choose one of the  Roll20 themes people have made.
I agree with Angel F.  Some kind of feature you can turn on and off in your profile or where ever. It Just seems to be a direction more websites are going. I would also point out if someone is going out and making profiles for this extension then it shows there's a interest in it.  I just prefer to have less extensions in my browser and thought it's something that could be fairly easy to do on the developer side. Though I do appreciate the suggestion and idea Keithcurtis, Cheers