Nesting Roll tables to create Random Encounter/Loot tables without using the API.

I found a little trick that allowed me to properly do nested roll tables without having to use the API. /r 1t[re], returns a number using the name of the table item. Items need to be named with a number. /r 1t[ [[1t[re]]] ], returns an entry in a random table. And here's the final macro I use. /w gm &{template:traits} {{name=Random Encounter}} {{description= [[1t[[[1t[re]]]]]]}}
The Aaron
API Scripter
Whoa!  That's really clever!

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Thanks Aaron! I found a way to name the tables with a prefix and still be able to use the macro. It makes management of these tables a bit more sane. This does a lookup in a random table from : tablename1, tablename2, tablename3, tablename4, tablename5, tablename6 /r 1t[tablename[[1d6]]] Ok, so here's a loot table with 3 levels of nesting. The first level can be the class of items: loot1:Potions, loot2:Scrolls, loot3:Gold. The second level can be the rarity of the items ( loot21:Level1, loot22:Level2, loot23:Level3 scrolls, or only have a single index like look11) The third level is where you list all the items. In the screenshot, I'm doing 3 lookups in sequence &{template:traits} {{name=Treasure}} {{description= [[1t[loot[[1t[loot[[1t[loot]]]]]]]]]}}
Very cool!

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So, I guess I have a question for you guys since you seem to be smarter than me. I use the below macro in order to roll off of random encounter tables. It seems to randomly choose whether it returns a number (that seems to mean nothing) or the text of the chosen table entry. However, when you scroll over the number is does successfully roll off of my table. I'd like it to always output the text. Would you happen to know a better way of doing this? Please and thank you. MACRO: [[1t[Tier2ArcticRandomEncounters]]] A step beyond that.....I would like to use my "Dice" macro to create a Random Encounter Macro in which it has clickable options to roll tables for tier1-4 for each terrain type.  DICE MACRO: /w gm &{template:default} {{name=Dice Rolls}} {{1d100=[Percentage](! #D100)}} {{1d4=[1d4](! #D4)}} {{1d6=[1d6](! #D6)}} {{1d8=[1d8](! #D8)}} {{1d10=[1d10](! #D10)}} {{1d12=[1d12](! #D12)}} {{1d20=[1d20](! #D20)}} {{??=[Dice-Querry](! #Dice-Querry)}}