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An idea came to me, so i figured I'd post it here. As the GM, I can click Ctrl L on any token to see what it's field of view is. It would be nice if I could do that as a player. If I'm a player with multiple characters on the map, and each character has different visions, it would be nice to know which one of my characters can see what. For example, if one of my characters has low light vision, they see twice as far. My normal character can see this double since i see all my characters sight at the same time. If it's needed, I play Pathfinder
There are scripts that can help with this. I use one called Observer, that changes the view settings to the character who is up in initiative. However, it would be very cool if this was implemented as a standard feature.
Didn’t even know this existed. is it a pro tool?
Gobbo. said: Didn’t even know this existed. is it a pro tool? Alas, it is a pro tool. There are a ton of special APIs available for Pro membership that makes it worthwhile for DMs.
This is exactly what I was looking for. I wouldn't even need it to auto ctrl+L for the token's turn like the script would do ... just the ability to ctrl+L for players with multiple tokens. Is it purposefully withheld? Or was it just an oversight? I'd think it shouldn't be hard to implement since it is already implemented for GMs?
Yeah it would be nice haha. In one of my games (I'm the player not the GM) i control 3 tokens. My player, her animal companion, and her Leadership cohort. I have three fields of vision, it would be nice to be able to ctrl L one of my 3 and know which of my characters see what.
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The exact  same suggestion already exists.