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Master Vault campaign background issue (Missing?)

Hi, I have an issue on the larder map of the master vault free campaign. When I join as a player, the first map (larder) is empty, i can see the grid and the rats but with a white background (if I revealed the area, of course). Is the background missing ? Because i can see it as the GM . . . The other maps seem to work just fine. Also I just started using roll20 so maybe I'm missing something obvious. Do I need to dl the map ? And how ? I made a "huge" translation work on every text, so i would like to not have to start over by starting a new game :D Thanks for the help. Vjsou
Info: I found that I cant select my background as the GM on this map (larder) whereas, on the other maps I can select them and see them when i'm a player. If I find the way to dl this particular background, maybe it would solve my situation.
Check if the background was moved to the GM Layer by accident.
Thanks :D