[LFG] 2 experienced players players looking for a non D&D game to lay on Thursdays


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Me and my girlfriend are looking for a new Thursday game to play in because our last game just ended. We both have a lot of TTRPG experience with numerous systems we just aren't too crazy for anything D&D or Pathfinder. So if you have a game you think we may be interested in pleased let us know! Also anything after 8 PM EST works for us.
Andrew R.
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You should put your time zone in your profile and post. It helps GMs and players choose you. 
I'm also looking for this, I don't want to play DnD since it's too ruleheavy for my taste. And depending on when we play my bf can join. I've got experience from pnp rpg over a few years but been on hold the last years. My bf is a newbie. Send me a pm if anything comes up and you want us in.