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1 million gamers

I keep posting games that I want to run and no one replies. Heard a few months back there were 1 million players on here. Do 1 million gamers only play D&D?
The problem with running games or even multiple games is that the players that are looking for these games went up and running time they want a true lfg listing on top of that they have to get it the game the way they once another words the best thing to do is to create the game schedule the game say 3 weeks out so you're looking for so many players say what kind of gain gain concept it is I found that out when I started my game I couldn't get players but as soon as I scheduled the game with a two week notice and listed everything about the game I got players
If you are having issues with wanting to run games I don't know what to tell you. I sometimes open up my game for applications for just 1-3 openings and I am still consistently getting over 100 applications within a week. Are you perhaps posting about unpopular games? I find that games like DnD, pathfinder, and shadowrun will always fill up within a decent time. But yes as lord make mentioned, use the LFG feature rather than the forums. Most players that are looking for games would rather use the official tool than go on the forums every single day hoping to find a game master advertising open slots.
B Simon Smith
Marketplace Creator
I've run a few really obscure games here, and had a full table within a week. You just have to be responsive, and put a comprehensive post on the LFG forum and use the LFG tool.
Yes.  And not very well, either
Please keep it civil, as for games yes D&D and such is most popular here. But like how others stated LFG forum is not only way to look. You have also LFG tool that you can choose system for it to search for. I also think roll20 has a unofficial discord server too. I personally don't have that info but I bet if you search hard enough you can find it. Also another site to think about using if roll20 doesn't fit you is tangled web pen and paper that's another site dedicated for gamers of all sort of games.
Like the other responses above, I would use the LFG tool over the LFG forum post or use them both simultaneously to cast a wider net.  From my experience running games on Roll20 and being a player in games, I think if you do a comprehensive post in the LFG tool about the type of game you want to run (e.g., the kinds of players you are looking for, the type of GM you are, setting, game system, house rules, game schedule, etc.) I am pretty positive that players will be interested in your game.  I try to do a comprehensive LFG tool post to answer all of the questions a potential player may have upfront so that they can self screen if the game is perhaps not for them.  I also like to have fairly brief application to my game so that I can hopefully screen out players that may not be a good fit from my GM perspective. 
For Example here is my LFG listing&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... i tend to get about 3 interested parties a week i just added the option for short term Sit in style players. my rant sort of while understandable is not everyone likes my Gaming master style rather than speak to me after game about it so i can at least know that they are quitting or even improve. heck even just send me a PM. They just simply stop communicating and either leave game or stay a part of it forcing me to kick them. in total i have had 1 player rage quit after play test session 0. he did say it was too much RP and not enough fighting... don't blame him in the least. however session 2 would have been better for him. i also have had people show interest get thru to be invited and get a sheet assigned to them, only to have them never show up. i don't blame this type either since it is quick to determine they changed there mind.&nbsp;&nbsp; i have had one player who played 2 sessions and heard nothing from him. now it is fair to say i am still new in roll20 DM-ing and not everyone likes or plays by the same style. my games have a set weekly game with rules in place for all who joined. those who have stuck around and enjoy it completely and are open about giving Feedback they are also the ones who went thru a more stringent application process which i am thinking to reinstate.
Possibly timezones factor into it? If you're not using a North American timezone, or one similar to them, you're potentially excluding quite a lot of players since they're asleep or at work when you play - and I believe the majority of players on Roll20 are from North America, though that's an educated guess rather than based on any data. Speaking as someone who lives in a European timezone, I find there are quite a lot of games on here that are unplayable for me due to the times they're at. The format of your games matters too - some people won't want to use video. Some won't do without it. Some, like me, will only use text for various reasons (which, again, makes it very hard to find a damn game to play in). Throw in a niche system and... well. Yes, you're going to struggle a little if it's very obscure. Remember that every decision you make regarding the game is going to reduce your potential player pool - it's unavoidable, sadly. All I can suggest is patience, and keeping on trying. It can be very frustrating, but persevere and you will find people who are interested. Also, as the others have said, use the LFG tool rather than this forum. It's pretty rare a post will stay on the front page here more than a day or so, which means a lot of people won't see it, while the LFG ad will be up until it expires or you remove it. Other possibilities? Well, without seeing one of your ads it's hard to say. But a few things to keep in mind: Punctuation and grammar - even if you're not running text-based games, using good punctuation and grammar is going to make your ad look better. If someone can't be bothered to even use fullstops, capital letters or paragraphs... why would I think they're going to run a good game which requires a lot more effort and planning than merely hitting the shift key? Clarity. Put your system in the title of your ad - it's amazing how annoying it is to have to read half an ad before learning what system someone wants to run. Similarly, be concise and clear about what the game will be about - bullet point it if you have to. Would you join a game if you can't understand the ad? Explain. No, really. Explain what the game is about. Don't just give me the name of the system, tell me what the system does and, ideally, the core mechanic (is it D20? Roll and keep? Dice pool? Jenga?). Also, tell me what it is you, specifically, intend to do with the game - an idea of what the plot will be, and the tone so I'll know if it's something I want to join or not. Proof-reading. Get someone else to look at it, and just check there are no glaringly obvious spelling mistakes and that the whole thing actually makes sense. Aside from that all I can say is "good luck", I think. Unless you want to leave an example of a previous ad here (or PM it to me) for a critique - please note that, while I'm happy to help, I'm really not an expert so take anything I say with a pinch of salt. Oh, and the everyone-plays-D&D thing? Definitely not true. I personally refuse to play it, or anything based on it, and I know a fair few others who do to.
If you format your LFG post well and include: System info Campaign summary Time and dates of play Your GM style Set participation expectations Bonus points for nice formatting You shouldn't have too many problems finding players. I run a variety of games on Roll20 such as Traveller, DND 5, ADND, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, etc. and I've usually never had trouble finding players. When I look for a game to play, these things are red flags for me and I won't even apply: No formatting at all. Just a wall of text.&nbsp; Terrible grammar. You don't have to be an author or anything but if your post reads more like a text message, I'll pass.&nbsp; You don't tell me the frequency or time of play.&nbsp; If your posting seems low effort then I assume your GM style is low effort. Pass.&nbsp; It's not even about the system for me. If you're super into your campaign and passionate about it, you will get players.&nbsp;
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Aneurin said: the core mechanic (is it ... Jenga?). Dread is, unfortunately, rather difficult to play on Roll20. =(
Blown away with all the good advice people offered here. Reeminds me of my early days of gaming at Orgins
Pat S.
Forum Champion
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I haven't been to an Origins Con since the mid 90's. Miss it. Basically on roll20, you have to put your best sales pitch out there. There are million+ members but most of them are already in private groups. What you see in the forums and in the LFG is just a fraction of what is actually playing. There is usually around 1000 new people joining daily so don't dispair but take the advice given, work out your pitch, and give it another go. I run/play in a niche of a niche style on roll20 (text with osr systems) and usually have no problems getting a group together. Good luck and have fun.
The Aaron
API Scripter
Brian said: Aneurin said: the core mechanic (is it ... Jenga?). Dread is, unfortunately, rather difficult to play on Roll20. =( Steve K had some clever way of doing that, which he mentioned at GenCon... I think it was Minesweeper instead of Jenga.
The Aaron said: Brian said: Aneurin said: the core mechanic (is it ... Jenga?). Dread is, unfortunately, rather difficult to play on Roll20. =( Steve K had some clever way of doing that, which he mentioned at GenCon... I think it was Minesweeper instead of Jenga. My point when I mentioned Jenga was "don't assume every resolution mechanic is the same or even similar", but that's really cool to know. I might have to go try and look that up.