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Other Games should be reconfigured to give popular games their own listing, for example the new Star Trek Adventures RPG

Pierre S.
In the Looking for Games listings, GMs offering games must classify their games from a selection list of common game types.  Any RPGs not in the list must be included in "Other Games." But the Other Games category (by which is meant RPGs not Board Games) may contain, by now, games that are way more popular than the least-common games with their own named category. For example, in the Q2 quarterly report in the Blog, 7.25% of all players have expressed interest in games totalled in the Other Games category, compared to named games such as The Quiet Year, Yogsquest or Tavern Tales (0.08% - 0.18%). The Other Games category should be analyzed for most popular games, and these games given their own distinct named category. This may be a particular issue for the new game Star Trek Adventures RPG , a property which of course has had a wide fan-base for decades.  It could become as popular as the most popular SF games, but right now it is locked in "Other Games" making it less clear for fans to offer and organize games.  I am safe in saying interest will explode, particularly if a Roll20 character-sheet for the game is devised, stored in GitHub and available to GMs.
Well i would like to see a slight change to the Other games selectable behavior. 1. Once clicked it would prompt the user for a Filling the blank. which then could populate a Game name within the LFG listing Under a subheading (new Other Games). this would allow for a more fluid LFG system.  (LFG would list in has using this example "Star Trek RPG - Other Games" That way if someone else goes to use the same name, then both games would be in LFG. of course while filling in the name the system could suggest a name as well. aka if i start typing "Star" the system could recommend Star-Gate , Star-Wars- Star-Trek. you get the idea. which would help reduce variance on the name... this inputted name need only be filtered for community standards violation or have a pre generated Banned word list so people could not use words that break TOS or rules. This also benefits the backend and character sheet planning with a simple glance those involved could see what new systems are popular 
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
The games dropdown menu exists to help standardize the options available (example: 4E vs. 4th Edition vs. D&D4, etc). No matter how many games are listed, some may not make the cut. Games are added to the list periodically. This ensures obscure listings gain greater visibility when sorted via the Other Games option and helps keep away “empty” search listings for underrepresented titles. If you feel a game should be listed, encourage your community members to play and post often. The more community attention a title receives the more likely it is to be added to the list, but the Suggestions forum is not a viable route for getting a game on the games dropdown menu. I'll be closing this thread and releasing the votes.