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[5e OGL] How to turn off spell tracking in spellcard roll templates

In the standard attack templates if you set {{spelllevel=}} then no spell slots are expended. There doesn't seem to be a similar field in the spell template, the closest I could find is {{level}} but that includes the school and the level cast at and if you remove the level cast at the API tries to expend a spell slot of no level just saying "SPELL SLOT LEVEL ALL SLOTS EXPENDED". Does anyone know a way to 'silence' the API or how to stop the template triggering it?
I assume you are trying to do this for a particular purpose rather than a blanket rule. If you set the second half of the level property (where the spell level is actually displayed) to 0, cantrip, or ritual it will tell the API to not tick down the spell slots.
I'm trying to output spellcards for attacks using attached rolls in the attacks and as the spell slot would have already been expended with the attack template I'm trying to suppress it doing it again.  Thanks for the solution works just as I needed, shame there's no way of removing the level at all, fireball looks very odd as a 0th level evocation.