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LFG Friday 12pm-4pm Central US

Just trying to feel out a Friday 12-4 type of time frame, and see if there was any open games around this time.  I run games on weds and thursday, so it would be nice to play some, and i work at night.  Open to new systems, about 19 years or RP exp with numerous systems.  Anything doin?
I would also be interested in any games running during that time slot. There is one game that I might be getting into at that time, but I have not heard much from the GM. I will give you a link to that game <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thanks, i actually already hit that one up, but i wanted to put the feelers out in case nothing came of that...So there are now two of us! Strength in numbers lol
Strength in numbers indeed. I did get an email early this morning from the GM of that game asking me when I was able to chat and I sent a reply. Sadly I have yet to hear anything back, though It hasn't been that long (I'm impatient because I have been having trouble finding games). Still it is good to know others are looking for game around that same time as me. It gives me hope :D
I'm actually looking for a game at this time too..
Talysian E. said: I'm actually looking for a game at this time too.. The game I linked to in the above post is still looking for players. That will work for for you too.
Sadly I've gm'd that AP allready.&nbsp;
Well nuts that blows. Well if your free on Thursdays at same times, I know of mutants and masterminds campaign that is looking for people. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Let me know if the link does not work for you.
Not&nbsp;authorized&nbsp;And yes I am free.