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GMT Game

Hey! Anybody playing 5E in GMT that I can join? Or if I can get enough players Id be happy to try DMing a game? Let me know either in here or via email! :)
I'm a complete noob and I'm having a little trouble finding someone to play with, so if you're willing to give me a chance and have a little patience, I'd love to join you :) I live in Denmark, so GMT +2 for me
still looking for players? pretty new to the game but dont mind giving DMing a go. GMT aswell
Yeah that's cool guys! Do you have any preference about which campaign you want to play? 
I don't know anything about that ;P I do, however, already have another player interested in playing. Want to use Discord to talk further about this?
yes, have you set something up?
Haven't done anything besides reaching out to a few people. I'll message you my Discord
Hi ' I'm looking for a game too,  GTM+2, and could play fri,sat or sun   Not a lot of experience but know the rules kinda well
Can you two send me your discords too? :)
I made a server on Discord for us, so add me and I'll invite you to it :) So far, it's only me and FTEST1 in there, but I sent Vargj my Discord too and I'm waiting for another dude as well. If they both join, I think we'll have enough people :P
Added, does anyone else want to join us?
i would like to join you guys
in gmt bye the way
i am probably way to late 
I'll send you my Discord. With that, I think we'll have enough players as we're still waiting for another guy to get back to me.