The season of spooky is upon us, gamers! Welcome~ We have got plenty of scary monsters for your adventures this week! Developer Spotlight Added 100+ new music files for Incompetech, improved the search tags for all Incompetech songs Fixed an underlying issue that was causing problems with Incompetech songs New TT audio track: Spire: Derelictus Fixed an issue that caused some addons to freeze before finishing Community Highlights We've got gamers all over the world in our community, and this week's pick is from France-- Le Métal Froid des Anneaux de Cerbère by Natha ... The Cold Metal of Cerberus' Rings, for those of you unfamiliar with the language! On the Marketplace Each week, new artists arrive to share their awesome creations on the Roll20 Marketplace. These are some of the latest. If you like what you see, show them some love! The Blue Dungeon by Dejexl Bring some of that nostalgic 16-bit flavor to your adventure with this pixelated dungeon tileset! Strange Supernaturals Vol. 1 by Monster Grin It's spooky season~! celebrate with these 99 monster tokens! Ready to terrorize your players... or put them in the Halloween spirit? WOTC Highlights Did you miss last week's big Halloween announcement ? That's right, we're bringing you Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, in our next modules: Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat . You can preorder them now separately or as a bundle and rest easy, fully prepared for the imminent release of the beast on All Hallow's Eve, October 31st. -Drespar