The first two Mists of Akuma adventures have been released! There are more along the way so stay tuned and see what's up in my eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting--more information about the world (and free stuff for it!) on if you want to check it out first. All  Mists of Akuma  adventure modules include numerous maps, dynamic lighting, dozens of fully statted tokens with journal entries, a 13 song soundtrack, and frankly much more. Thanks! PS: If you've got feedback or questions about my adventure modules please let me know! :D Mists of Akuma: Scourge of Róbai-Shita Temple A 5th Edition OGL adventure for 4 to 6 PCs of 3rd to 4th level. -- DUNGEON CRAWL MYSTERY Heroes are needed in the mountainside town of Shibai—though thought to be spared from the horrors of the demonic Mists of Akuma, recently the supernatural haze has started to fall onto the settlement and a monster lurks through the evil fog. Despite the presence of the infamous Mubo Brothers, hired by the local mayor, a Sukochi bengoshi calls upon the party to get to the bottom of what ails Shibai. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Mists of Akuma: Fangs of Revenge A 5th Edition OGL adventure for 4 to 6 PCs of 6th-7th level. -- RAILROAD TOWN MYSTERY A city of burgeoning technology beset upon by intrigue and insurrection, Samon has been a thorn in Emperor Hitoshi's side since suffering in the rebellion against the Kengen Occupation, its wounds still fresh on the minds of its citizens. It is not beneath the notice of Hakaisuru Bengoshi however, and the adventurers are ordered by one such official to make certain that the Tazuki Rail company's doings are not curtailed by its increasingly aggressive laborers and their shadowy union, the Fangs. Little do they know that the bite of the fangs carries a far deadlier poison than any worker's ire!