I've been trying to make a custom sheet for my group to make picking and rolling for spells easier as well as documenting all the yantra, advance and such selections in chat. Primarily it started off as wanting to simply make rolling them easier and faster, but turned into wanting to easily calculate reach, paradox and so on and has quickly snowballed out of control. It's gone from adding an API to a sheet worker to completely redesigning the character sheet and I keep going back to the drawing board and I'm not sure where to go from here or even what the best way to implement such a system for the sheet. Goals: Live Reach, Dicepool, Paradox Calculator - to prevent the 'oh, 2 dice...you know what forget it...' Form for having a physical record of Advances, Steps and Yantras Should include situational and optional modifiers, willpower, mana spending, sleeper witnesses, etc. Roll and print to chat Method: Interactive Character sheet form Sheetworker for autocalc fields & attributes API for roll calculation & documentation Any input and suggestions would be really helpful, I'm feeling kinda lost at this point.