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Help please nothing is loading


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Operating System Windows Windows 7 Screen Resolution 1600 x 900 Web Browser Chrome 32.0.1700.72 Browser Size 1600 x 813 IP Address <deleted> Color Depth 24 bit Javascript Enabled Flash Version 12.0.-1 Cookies Enabled Half my maps on each page is not showing up nothing is loading this problem is just happening I've spent hours and hours on these maps and only some pieces and parts are loading.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Please follow those instructions and let us know how it goes.
ok it must just be the one computer im working with (at work) but this problem is new (at work)
Kevin B.
Marketplace Creator
I don't know, I seem to have have issues now as well. Everything was working fine last night but it appears that half my assets are down and maps won't load correctly. Figured something was off with it so I copied one from another campaign and its the same.
I have a similar situation. All tokens are loading, but none of the map layer is visible to myself or my players. Tried to troubleshoot with 2 different browers, it's as if the map layers disappeared entirely overnight (didn't touch or change them.)
And actually, an extension on that- none of the maps I created after Friday (1/10) are visible. Previous map tiles are. All tokens are loading correctly.
Update: my players can see the map, and tokens. Checked previous maps, and they are all loading fine- just recently built stuff, the layer won't appear for me.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Did you use the art library to get the tiles off the web? If so then maybe the website that hosted those tile has gone down or gone away.
Dungeon Master, did you follow the steps from the page that Riley linked to?
I think I found the answer to the problem. My players are NOW saying that they can't view the same things, and I viewed the web console in FF, which leads me to believe the files are inaccessible. (From wherever they are hosted). Will just have to replace with available tokens.
I had the same problem as you and now it has returned again. when i load a page I get a blank white area where the images and tokens should be. this is the second time i have had this issue now.
Im having the same problems as above after clearing my cashe, and removing all extensions. Im using Chrome and can see all of the maps at the top of the screen when I click on the pull down tab, but nothing is visible when I try to change screens. Thanks!
For those of you having the issue, could you follow step 4 here?
Sarah I have tryed them I tryed them the first time also and they did't work, it just seemed to sort themselves out. but when I tryed to log on yeserday it was back to how it was before. I have't installed any software at all this week, I have no addons for my web browser and almost no plugins.

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Forum Champion
Any of you having this problem please send me a join link so I can come take a look. Note: I am guessing that most of you are having a different problem than the original poster. Those of you able to see *some* of your images are having a different problem than not being able to see anything but a blank canvas.
Forum Champion
It looks like it was Dundjinni that was down for a bit.