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Power cards with Pathfinder sheet??

If I want to use the Power card below but instead of typing out the "Attack" line I would like to take the info from the button that we hit on the Pathfinder sheet, since it applies all mods and such already, would that be possible?? Does anyone use Power cards with the pathfinder sheet in that way or do you just use one or the other? !power {{ --name|Basic Attack --leftsub|Longsword --rightsub|Range Melee --Attack:|[[ [$Atk] 1d20 + 4 [Str Mod] + 3 [Weapon Proficiency] ]] vs AC --Hit:|[[ 1d8 + 4 [Str Mod] ]] slashing damage --?? $Atk.base == 20 ?? Critical Hit:| Add [[1d8]] slashing damage }}

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Sheet Author
In theory, (not sure because I have not used powercards since roll templates were introduced...) you should be able to pull the repeating attack attribute values as needed.  ie @{repeating_weapon_$X_total-attack} @{repeating_weapon_$X_total-attack} or any other attributes you want to include.  Refer to the macro-text of the attack to help build your macro.  Substitute the rowid for "$X" on any of the repeating attributes you want to use.