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select / option question

Help!  for a WoD scion character sheet trying to set up a way you fill multipul fields with one pull down option will this  work .. or is it doomed to fail (syntax is most likely is wrong,  my html programming knowledge is not great!) <select style="width:140px" name="attr_Pantheon"; name="attr_Purview"; name="attr_virtue1"; name="attr_virtue2"; name="attr_virtue3"; name="attr_virtue4"> <option value="Allied"; "Civitas"; "Conviction"; "Duty"; "Endurance"; "Valor">Allied - British/French/Soviet</option> </select> (obviously more options in the list!)
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
You can only have one name for your SELECT tag and you'd need separate OPTION tags for each option in the drop down..  However, this would be doable with a sheet worker.
sheet worker?    can you give me an example !?   The first word is the selectable one .. i understand that, but i wanted that one to set up the other 5, save having to input them later..   thanks for the help tho