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LFG: 4th Level Bard D&D 5E looking for campaign


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English only US Eastern Time MUST HAVE: session-based advancement (5E DMG p. 261) SHOULD HAVE:  Respect for the role of the character in the game. SHOULD HAVE:  Pathfinder-compatible expectations of the amount of cash and magic items a character should have when advancing to a new level. If your campaign is fast-paced, challenging, full of drama and fun, I'm talking to you. Willing and able to assist GM with mapping, campaign journalism and even assistant GMing.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Just a reminder to folks to stay on topic.  If the game being sought or offered isn't to your tastes, simply close the tab and move on to the next posting.  Only post if you have genuine questions that will help you decide if what is being offered matches your own wants & needs.  Anything else runs the risk of your post being deleted, at a minimum.