Marketplace Addition: Artwork Commissions.

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Would love a part of the market place for artists to open "shops" where customers like myself can request custom artwork for our characters, tokens, and maps. The artist could have a 9 image gallery to show samples of work and then a request form for the artwork needed. The artist could sell set-rate packages (black &white, color, color w/background) or use a quote-based system where he replies with a quote and the buyer accepts/declines. As long as work is completed and delivered, there would be a no refund rule to protect artists.
Seems like that could go poorly pretty quickly though. What if somebody ended up not being happy with the end product, or it wasn't exactly what they wanted? I personally feel like this sort of thing is best left on artists personal websites or places like Fiver, etc.

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I meant thatbis pretty much how all art commissions work, it’s an inherent risk. If you commission an artist you saying your trust their vision. Hence having a portfolio so you can judge their style and talent. Just like paid GM games where you can’t guarantee the GM won’t suck, roll20 just puts a disclaimer before the purchase that you have  to acknowledge stating that it’s an art commission neither the artist nor Roll20 guarantees satisfaction. The risk is on the buyer. 
It's a good idea. Which I mostly say because finding art assets, battle maps particularly, and especially things that are non fixed like carts and ships and planes. The undersaturation of the market on things like these makes it all the more necessary to have a place to acquire custom order work. 
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You could just PM the artist.
You could, but it would be nice to have a place where you can browse multiple artists, compare their galleries, and make an informed commission.
True. Though not everyone reads their messages in a timely manner. And not everyone is actually willing. And given the limited number of artists doing anything that is post medieval(seriously though,  we have enough medieval assets on Roll20 to develop a plethora of cultures with historical versions of their shit to boot), it'd be nice to have a function built into roll20 to expedite the process of finding the right artist.  I mean shit, I've had numerous ideas I gave up on because I  can't find an interested party with the skills to do professional work. I'm currently trying to assemble a battleship map involving a massive steam airship. The roll20 artists I've messaged either don't do commission work or have never gotten back to me. Outside roll20 the artists don't work on token or map style assets so a lot of them just say no.  In short, for the average user the material exists for the job,  and there's less looking involved to find the artist willing to do something just slightly different than the average.  Those who don't work in the ordinary d&d box are SOL. 
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I don't think that having a commissions feature on the site is going to make the artists respond any faster. I suppose if artists signed up to the system as doing commission work, this would help to filter out all the artists that don't.

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Precisely. Which saves me from sending out 10 messages to get 3 replies, replies that are more often than not some form of no. Instead I start off with a maybe.

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I'm on the side that a commission feature would best be left to off-side art sites. As an artist for commission myself, it's troublesome enough to contend with orders on multiple storefronts, and roll20 is first and foremost a site for playing games rather than trying to sell artwork. In consideration that Roll20 would also have to handle payments as a middle-man (in addition to whatever payment services may be involved) I can only see it being troublesome if a dispute has to get handled. If I have to contend with disputes, it would be best in favor of an artist's own terms of services than whatever likely royalties and rights need to be pledged for using Roll20 as a third party middleman for a market that is largely a client-seller business. This also coincides with the fact roll20 doesn't offer a payment front for paid campaigns, so I do not see the case being any different for artists. If anything, at most, I feel as though this problem would be best solved by making a Looking for Artists section of the forums rather than making a full-on feature.

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Roll20 offers a marketplace where artists can make tiles and such....I see no reason that they can't also offer a storefront for artists. It would absolutely get used (I would DEFINITELY buy), it weeds out those who don't want to be bothered, and it puts all the galleries in  one place instead of having to go to dozens of artists personal sites.
B Simon Smith
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I take commissions, but only when my existing schedule has an opening, and I only do particular things.
B. Simon Smith. Exactly my point. 
Which is exactly why having a place to find artists that are available and draw my genre would be amazingly helpful. Sci-fi artists will have LOTS of work open up for them lol