Need help testing so that doesn't happen.  I'm working on removing the different view and fields from the Mook version of the character sheet—you'll still be able to make the character a Mook, I'm just consolidating all the fields. Why am I doing this? To reduce the overhead of the sheet (by reducing redundancy as much as possible) and make it a little easier to work with. This will also allow for universal macros (meaning, no more remember two different fields names, one for WC and one for Mooks). To help ensure as seamless a transition as possible, I've created a sheetworker that will migrate everything over from the Mook fields.  I've tested this on my end and everything seems to be working fine, but I want to make sure I have more than just my eyes looking for bugs.  If you'd like to help test this out and provide feedback on ways to improve the sheet during this migration, feel free to join my  Savage Worlds Tabbed QA Game . The game is set up so you can bring characters in from the character vault so you can see how your mooks will be impacted by this change and make sure that no issues exist.  If you export characters from the Vault to the game but you don't see the characters, just send me a PM with the characters you're looking for and I'll make sure they get assigned to you. I hope to use some time over the next couple of days to update the existing sheet with an announcement of this change to cast as wide a net as possible. Thanks for your help.