Happy Thanksgiving!

Just to let you know I am thankful for this game, all you players, and the chance to exercise various aspects of my geekitude that would be hard to get elsewhere. Particular thanks to Doyce for lasso in this whole crew together, and either doing the heavy lifting, or else convincing us to provide it. If I weren't thinking of this at the last second, I would have done an homage to that Rockwell holiday meal painting, with Jason and a staticky Alycia serving at the head, Leo and Pneuma (and an Otto remote) telling jokes, Ghost Girl sitting primly, not-Dad sitting with a frown,  PowerPony on her phone, Adam laughing over something (or eyes wide at the turkey), Harry at three points around the table setting down bowls of food, Agent Waters the only guy in a suit and tie and with a rare smile on his face... Instead, I'll just let you imagine it. 😃 Happy Thanksgiving, all! 
This game has been super therapeutic and supportive for me, and I'm grateful to everyone for making that happen. Thanks all :)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I ran out of effective space for characters pretty fast, alas, but I'm sure the rest of our NPCs are getting food and friendship time too.

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Doyce T.
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Thanks to all of you for making this one of my all time favorite gaming experiences. It's been the perfect mix of old and new; comfortable gaming grooves and pushing myself to improve.
Bill, that's awesome, thanks.
"Why do you have cat ears, anyway?" "In reviewing files and organizing my database, I came across audio logs of your family's encounter with the Puma Women of Peru at age 13. Logs from 8:30pm to 9:25pm that evening, filtered through Byron Quill's database of health education videos, indicate that a 'formative experience' was--" "Delete those!"
Doyce T.
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I don't know... it might be a real stretch for Dave to play someone who imprinted on anime cat girls...
Doyce T. said: I don't know... it might be a real stretch for Dave to play someone who imprinted on anime cat girls...
Josie and the Pussy Cats! Long Tails and Ears for Hats! Or maybe something more like ... Or I could just claim it's all a mix-up with  some other fandom .