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Add "Create Folder" to the 'Page Toolbar' for keeping maps organized.

Hi, I think it would be extremely useful to be able to sort roll20 maps into folder/subfolders rather than have them displayed linearly across the Page Toolbar. I use a lot of maps in my campaign, and I don't want to have to delete them or keep shuffling them around. It's a lot easier if folders could be created and the map files sorted into them. Right off the bat I'd have one for Towns Wilderness (areas my characters use for random encounters if travelling) Caves / Dungeons In Progress Current session My players move around a lot between towns they've been before and I like keeping the maps around for that purpose. Is there any way this would be possible? I feel like the Page Toolbar could use some work in that respect. Thank you very much!
i think this has been brought up before if my memory serves at least and i do agree with the fact that the page toolbar could use a bit of an overhaul. just to name a few that all invilve over hauling the system
I have the same problem in my campaign. I have a lot of different maps for wilderness, cities, dungeons and random encounters, a folder system it would be extremely useful.
David, Totally being self-serving here but I have a long, two year old thread that strongly relates to this topic. Apparently the Roll20 team as put this on long-term development. 
Roll20 Team
Closing this thread to refund votes as Mr. Farlops has linked the long-term development thread. Please feel free to vote and comment on that thread.