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(This all assumes Doyce doesn't already have some ideas baked, and is looking for where to start) For anyone not familiar with Astro Boy: Dr. Tenma is an evil roboticist who creates an android to replace his dead son. The android, the titular Astro Boy, is raised instead by Tenma's once colleague, Dr. Elefun. Depending on which series you're watching, Tenma's approach may vary, but he's always interested in reclaiming Astro in some sense. In the 2003 series, for example, he wants Astro to become the strongest robot, and so matches him against various adversaries. This Tenma also his his own robotic duplicate, "Shadow", who soon becomes something of a rival. Opening: For anyone not familiar with Cybersix: Imagine a female Batman who disguises herself as a male schoolteacher, but is secretly a super-soldier construct created by Dr. Von Reichter, a Nazi biotech genius. Von Reichter sends a kid-aged clone of himself to oversee the recapture of Cybersix, assisted by the doctor's other creations (who vary widely in competence). Opening:

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He was originally written like a Charles Foster Kane of crime - powerful, influential, egotistical, but wanting the intangibles like love and companionship and not always understanding why his power would tear them from his grasp. Leo regards him more like a force of nature than a person, and makes preparations for him the way you'd try to survive a tornado. But maybe this time... If it has hit points, you can kill it. A suggested starting point for stats: Real Name : Unrevealed Generation : Silver Drive : Fill his hollow heart, or revenge himself on those who thwart him doing so Abilities : Hyper-tech minions (both biological and robotic); super-intelligence; network of criminal contacts and favors owed Conditions : Afraid, Angry, Guilty, Hopeless Moves : Reshape an area or break a barrier with waves of minions Make lightning-fast strikes or retreats with technological aid Achieve his true motives behind a screen of attacking minions or terrified bystanders
Well, I feel like I oversold him a little now.. :)
Bill G. said: Well, I feel like I oversold him a little now.. :) Well, even Charles Foster Kane had some defeats, losses, and down moments. Some of the above might also be flavored by Leo's  perception of Rossum.
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Also, nonzero chance the whole deal is a trick.  Or true, and also a trap. Or Rook. ... I can go on, should I go on? :)
Leo is morally certain there is a trap of some kind. I'm waiting for whatever full write-up you said there was for this, but Leo's next move is taking that video to Waters and saying "I talked you up to Jason like you got this guy, what gives? Does Rook do security for super prison as well as airports now?" Trap or not, it does fit into Leo's analysis from earlier here:
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Bill G. said: Leo is morally certain there is a trap of some kind. Trap or not, it does fit into Leo's analysis from earlier here: I did my best. :-) Thanks for mentioning that future conversation with Waters. It is now something I am definitely looking forward to, given time to ponder it. I will give you that write up of the full message, but I'm teaching from 8 to 5 today and will probably be flat as a mental pancake when I get done, so it'll probably have to be tomorrow.