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Doyce T.
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Go here: - also has buttons for searching the main tags.
It only mattered for a couple of threads, but the search now correctly handles multi-page threads.
This thing is invaluable. I have been using it a lot. Thanks! (Are there any special formats or search terms? It doesn't seem so, but I haven't experimented exhaustively.)
Going to the page and not searching for anything will show you some typical uses (e.g. "keyword1 keyword2"). has more specifics.
Ah. I knew I had seen that but couldn't figure out how to bring it back up: keyword1 keyword2 Find keyword1 OR keyword2. Favors matches that have more keywords. keyword* Wildcard (*) matches at the start, middle, or end of a search term. keyword1^10 keyword2 Boost the relative power of one keyword compared to others. chin~1 Fuzzy match keywords, number indicates edit distance (e.g. chin or chan).

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Good News Everybody! This is something you could technically do before, but it was boring. Now, though, I added an author field! So you can do THIS: field:keyword1 field:keyword2 Find keyword1 OR keyword2 in specific fields. Valid fields are 'title', 'author', and 'body'. Example: 'author:dave body:Alycia' finds everything from Dave about Alycia. All the rest of the rules work as well. Example: 'author:Dave chin~1' gives you all the Chin or Chan matches from Dave. NOTE: you can filter on body: to omit title from consideration, e.g. "body:numina" pulls up everything naming her in the actual comment, but not each and every post in the "Jason and Numina" mega-thread. You probably want to use this for common terms. You can also do searches for all posts, e.g. 'author:james' pulls up his whole post collection.
Doyce T.
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That's fantastic, Bill. Thanks!
Very cool, thanks!
Occasionally I would mess up and use from: instead of author: and it would fail silently, so now there is an error message if you somehow trigger a search error. I also updated to a newer version of lunr.
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I can't tell you how much I appreciate this tool. (Semi-related - I'm nudging the admin people, again, about expanding forum admin powers to players. It's all apparently linked to the game creator, and as near as I can tell, few admin abilities can be shared or transferred.)
The only thing we've needed admin for, as far as I know, is tagging posts after they've been created. If you look over in Post Tagging, I pitched (and Dave supported) an alternative thing which I'm implementing soon. Basically you can either [Tag] in post title, or put #Tag in the post body on its own line. Example: #Tech #Jalycia And the script will notice that and attach those tags to this post. Anyone who can edit their own post can then add tags after the fact.
Bill G. said: Anyone who can edit their own post can then add tags after the fact. Awesomesauce. Thank you. I use the search tool a lot, though the tags not as often. This is a nice expansion of that capability. Along these lines, Doyce has handed me forum admin rights through his GM fu, so I can break everything tweak titles if done in a timely fashion. (The titles do turn into the URLs, so if something gets linked to a post before it gets renamed, then it seems like those URLs would break. Unless it automatically generates a redirect.)

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The URLs should still work, no matter what you do with the title. Look at this one for example, broken into its relevant components: The roll20 app will look at the /forum/post/<number>/<extra> part. That '<number>' bit is the primary key in a database, representing this particular thread, so it goes and looks that up. Absolutely everything after that in the URL is garbage. Try this URL for example:
The index builder needs a kick. Last update 2/24, and there has certainly be (cough) some activity over the last week on the Forums.
It's release day at work, I can do it tonight. This week has been pretty crazy.
No problem. Work definitely comes first.