Shaped Sheet Companion Utility Macro

I use the Shaped Sheet Utility Macro but when I click on the CREATE TOKEN MACRO BUTTONS-Attacks it gives me this in chat. The Character sheet definitely has 3 different weapons on it to attack with.  Why will this not make a cool little macro for his attacks?
Roll20 Mod Team
Is Baern Halderhek a PC or an NPC? NPCs, in accordance with the D&D statblock, have their attacks listed as Actions, which will only be turned into buttons if you create Action Buttons. PCs have Attacks (though on the newest version of the sheet, they are listed as Offense)
He is a PC.  However, I have never been successful in generating Attacks OR Actions that I can recall, for anybody NPC or PC.
Roll20 Mod Team
Are you using the very latest versions of both sheet and macro? (i.e. not the ones that Roll20 drops, but directly from the Github repository)?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Yeah, --attacks should give a syntax error with the newest version, not the error visible in your screenshot. --offense is the correct syntax (with the current version).
I have not upgraded them in a while.  I liked that they were working together so I said, why upgrade when it's working fine.
Roll20 Mod Team
I would suggest updating both to the most recent version if you are trying to solve a problem. Roll20 made some changes in their code that made massive problems for older versions of the sheet and script. Kryx has been doing damage control for some time, and the latest version of each not only fix most if not all of those problems, they are the only version for which he offers support. If you still have the problem after upgrading, use the report link at the bottom of any character sheet to open an issue on his tracker, including version number and reproduction steps. You'll get a much better answer than any of us trying to guess at the issue.
Installed newest, no joy.  I will send a report as you advise.