New release: Lock puzzles

Paul C.
Marketplace Creator
Don't you just want to lock your party up and throw away the key sometimes? Well now, you can. With lock puzzles incarcerating your party is a breeze. You can also lock up demons, treasures, diabolical curses and other goodies! Lock puzzles gives you: Over five hundred ways you can combine up to nine basic puzzles. Nine difficulty levels. Tips and tricks for cooperative play. Can be used with fantasy, steam punk and scy fi themes. Super easy to set up. A puzzle deck that will allow players to pick up and carry key pieces. Four extra bigger puzzles. Tips on creating your own puzzles and other uses. Lock puzzles works with any gaming system. The biggest highlight of this puzzle I believe is that you can use it in almost any situation or setting and no two puzzles are the same. Check it out on the marketplace!

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Ed S.
Awesome work Paul! Very neat stuff, I love inclusion of the card decks.
Paul C.
Marketplace Creator
Thanks! When I was playtesting this one I hid the keys under bookcases, carpets and stuff the players could control and move. I really like that players can search for, pick up and collect key pieces. And carry them to different pages. Supercool roll20 created this functionality. Thank you for the feedback. :)
The Aaron
API Scripter
It’s an Addon. After purchasing it, you go to the Game Details Page of any of your existing games and select if from the drop down in the Addon section, then click add. 
Love this in the Card Deck form under Collections, when installed as an Add-On. Looking forward to springing this on Players.
Hi, sorry i am a new user. I purchased the lock puzzles addon and have successfully added it in my campaign. I can only see the "lock puzzles" section with the subcategories "Characters and Handouts" in my Journal. Do you know maybe where i should go and find the actual "lock puzzles" assets? Thanks :)
Apologies :) just found how it works!