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Missing D&D Books

Hi, Does roll20 plan to bring the other adventures of Wizard of the Coast to us (Princes of the Apocalipse / Out of the Abyss)? How about Sword Coast Adventure's Guide / Xanathars in a way to make easy for us to create characters (integrated with sheet)? I want to start a collection of all WoTC books, but I'm afraid to put my coins on roll20 because it doesn't have all books yet. Can some dev tell me if at least roll20 have plans to it even without dates?
The Aaron
Roll20 Mod Team
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Roll20 Devs have stated that they want to bring all the books to the Marketplace and that much of their work lately has been around restructuring the Compendium System to realize that desire.  If you look back through the Community Corner posts, you can find where Steve talked about this a few months ago.  It was also discussed on the the Round Table videos.  They also stated that because of the way the contracts work, they can't announce what they are planning to release until they actually release it.