Map Release: Modular Forest, Icebergs, Small Keeps

Gabriel P.
Marketplace Creator
The trails give this movie two thumbs down, no wait that trail critic not critical trails which are my new modular forest. Have you seen all my ice?  Its Must-sea ice . A keep just for locking up wayward hunters?  Trapper Keeper . Happy gaming!
The ship caught in the ice is awesome, very evocative. I may make an adventure just to visit that map in your "Ice Pack". I also really like the connectable, Modular aspect of the new Trails maps. I've tried to connect some of your earlier maps side-by-side and there was a line of transition. Planning to try the new Trail maps to make a longer chase-map for a trail running race. Keep up the good work Gabriel!
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Love the little floaty ice bits in the iceberg set Gabe. It really sets a great and potentially disastrous tone. beware the ice flow! Gorgeous sets!
Roll20 Mod Team
Thank you for the extra "empty" maps. I have some of your Save vs Cave maps, and stitch together layouts I need externally. An empty cave floor texture would have been very helpful there.
I really like your ice burg set. It'd be cool if it was expanded upon with a map builder set.