[LFG] Traveller - GMT +2

Played tons of RPGs over the years. Never had the chance to join a game of Traveller. I did some crossreading in Mongoose's 2nd edition. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 17.00  to 01.00 GMT +0
I'm in a similar position - I've always wanted to play traveller (MGT 2nd) but never got a chance. I'd be up for playing or GMing and I can do any of the days you mentioned.
Bump. Maybe we can find more!
I'd definitely be interested. Never played Traveller, always wanted to... my availability is pretty good for all the times your listed.  
GMed (and have most of the books for) MGT 1ed. Would potentially be able to GM something. Would have to have a week or 2 to do the prep work as I only have none of the setting specific books.
I'd be interested if it's MGT1e. Relatively flexible schedule.

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i am pretty much completely new to roleplaying games in general, but i can definitely take the time to at least read the basic rules beforehand so if you dont mind me i would be happy to join as a player. i am also GMT+2 and am free on almost any day from afternoon till night.

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I'm also GMT+2 and i'm pretty interested after reading up on it abit and I'm also somewhat new, if that's ok? EDIT: Schedule is also pretty flexible!