Tomb of Annihilation: Friday's at 3:30 pm GMT -6


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The first session will be on 12/15/2017 at 3:00 pm GMT -6 to allow everyone to introduce themselves and their characters. Then, the session will start accordingly.  Now, do you dare to defy death in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game? The talk of the streets and taverns have all been about the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the death they once denied. When they finally succumb, they can’t be raised—and neither can anyone else, regardless of whether they’ve ever received that miracle in the past. Temples and scholars of divine magic are at a loss to explain a curse that has affected the entire region, and possibly the entire world. The cause is a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located somewhere in Chult, a mysterious peninsula far to the south, ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests. Just pay no attention to all the blood and raptor strown about it. Everything will be fine... just fine. Other than that, players will start at level one. I will do my best to incorporate backstories into the campaign to captivate players. Also, I do voices for the majority of the NPC's and have ambient music playing in the background. I will allow only Xanathar's, PHB, DMG, other adventures (SKT, Rise of Tiamat, and etc.), SCAG, and the revised Artificer class by myself. Combat, I plan on using critical fumble and hit tables. The critical hit table will not include any altercation to having a critical hit to deal normal damage only. It will always deal double the damage die to be rolled or possibly the maximum result of double the damage die rolled. Artificer Class If any questions, please send me a private message. If interested, please apply below in the form below: 1. Name 2. Age 3. Experience 4. Time Zone and Availability 5. Character's Name 6. Race 7. Class 8. Background Story The richer the background story. The more of a chance for an invite.
Name: Chris Age: 38 Experience: I have been playing D&D in its various editions for 30 years. I just started 5e in June, however, and Roll20 a couple of months ago. Time Zone and Availability: I am in PST timezone, but I'm available most of the time. I'm a stay at home dad with 2 school age children, so I'm pretty open except for Sat/Sun/Tues evenings. Character's Name: Rukk Race: Half-Orc Class: Barbarian (Storm Herald (Sea)) Background: Rukk grew up on the outskirts of Daggerford on the Sword Coast. He is the product of an ill-fated orc raid on their small farmstead. He grew up knowing he was different, but there was very little overt hostility towards him in their small community (unbeknownst to Rukk it was because no one wanted to incur the wrath of his mother, Reya, who loved and protected him fiercely). Because of this and because of his own sometimes brutal honesty, he takes things at face value, often being tricked or taken advantage of. One day in his late teens he got into a schoolyard fight, as teens often do. He lost control and thrashed the other boy severely. He didn't cause any permanent damage, but he was no longer welcome in the community due to overwhelming fear. He left and signed onto a merchant ship named The Spiteful Satyr that worked out of Waterdeep. He started out as a lowly deckhand but his work ethic was such that he quickly rose in rank and gained the eye of the first mate Tug, an old, grizzled barbarian. Tug taught Rukk how to control his rage, and how to use it to his advantage. Together they drove off pirate ship after pirate ship, making a name and reputation across the high seas. Finally, Tug died (he was old as crap). With his mentor gone, Rukk got bit by the wanderlust bug and parted ways with the crew in Chult, wanting to see Faerun by land now that he had seen so much of the sea. He still sends half his pay back home to mom every month.

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Name: Jeff Age: 29 Experience: I've yet to really play in any 5e campaigns, but I've played and ran 3.5e games and played in some Pathfinder games. Time Zone and Availability: PST, I'm available Wednesday, Friday through Sunday afternoons and evenings. Character's Name: Rel, an Undertaker Race:  (Fallen) Aasimar Class: Warlock (Hexblade) Background Story: Not all celestial-blood are "chosen", nor are all called by their divine parents to serve their higher purposes. Left at the doorstep of a monastery, Rel was cared for by the clergy and lived a simple upbringing and life. But Rel was a simple child, obedient in her duties and quiet in her studies. She also proved to be a strange one, preferring solitude and solace of books than freedom and the chance to play out on the streets with others her age. And even as she grew into adolescence, her demeanor remained stoic and silently calm. It wasn't until she hit puberty that her eyes shone silvery white and all but a lock of her long, raven black hair changed to platinum blonde. With her celestial heritage manifested, the priests who raised her attempted to have her schooled by some of the local paladins. But she proved to not possess the divine aptitude required for the higher calling of the paladins, who sent their expelled student back to the monastery where she came from. Disheartened but yearning for something to do, Rel delved into arcane studies while taking on the duties of an undertaker and mortician within the ranks of her fellow Dustmen. It wasn't until her later 20's that she began hearing whispers; not of the divine, but of something she knew came from the Shadowfell. Whoever they were, they promised Rel the purpose she craved and the means to put the martial training she received from the paladins to use. Coming into her own as a Warlock, her dark patrons bade her use a certain portal to leave the City of Doors, leading her into the jungles of Chult. Seeing the death curse and wasting disease ravage the lands, Rel's new purpose was made clear to her: grant those suffering from the curse their True Death and restore the natural order to the planes. After that, who knows?

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Name : Parun Age : 25 Experience : Not very much, I only started playing a few months ago. Time Zone and Availability : GMT+2, Available on most days and times of day other than wednesday (3:30 pm GMT-6 is very suitable for me) Character's Name : Argus the Wanderer Race : Halfling (Lightfoot) Class : Warlock Background Story : Argus was born to a humble family of halfling farmers making their home near the dwarf city of Mirabar. Unfortunately, shortly after his birth they had to abandon their home in the face of increased hostilities from the orcs and goblins living in the area and make their way to the city itself. Even though the dwarves never accepted him as one of them, he was raised amongst them and worked hard to defend Mirabar after coming of age. He helped to protect the gem mines from enroaching orcs and monsters for decades until an unfortunate misstep led to him plummeting into a seemingly bottomless chasm during a routine patrol in the depths. After surviving miraculously Argus wandered around for days, trying to find his way back up. He was too afraid to sleep in such a dangerous place, but eventually fatigue claimed him and he slipped into unconsciousness. In his dreams he met an entity of great power. This entity hungered for knowledge and was intrigued by Argus' dreams of the surface, for it had never seen anything like it beforehand. And so a deal was struck: In exchange for his safe return to the surface he would dedicate his life to seeing all that there is to see on Toril and beyond. After waking up, Argus was guided past all the dangers of the Underdark back to the deepest dwarven roads of Mirabar. Making his way home, he exchanged goodbyes with his friends and family and prepared for the journey of his life. His wanderings have taken him all around Faerûn, all the way to the distant lands of Chult where he hears of something new and never before seen: An artifact with the power to curse entire lands. He just has to see this thing before it's destroyed!

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Name:  Tee Age: 24 Experience:   I've only done one before. Not much but I know much about some of the basics. You won't have to hold my hand but remind me if I mess up. Time Zone and Availability: EST Most times after 3:30pm Monday-Sunday unless something comes up. Character's name: Dargis Race: Human Class: Druid Background Story: Dargis was born in a large village called Trobless to a family of the middle class. Trobless was in Brazil and was a town of mostly peace with the occasional misdemeanor. He was of Brazilian descent as his parents were both native there. HIs father was always out at work or looking to pick a fight with someone. His mother was confined to a wheelchair due to an accident that paralysed her waist down. He never had to little of this or too much of that. When he was 11 years old, his father died due to a terrible sickness. The family started to lose money due his father being the only working man in the house at the time. This caused Dargis and Markson, his older 18 year old brother to start wor king to support themselves and their mother. The work was hard but he had to tough through it to make it to the end. Soon Dargis was old enough to where he could leave the house. He eventually sent his mother to a nursing home where they could take better care of her. One day, Markson was in the woods and had found a glowing cave. Inside the cave was a portal, not knowing any better he jumped inside to never be seen again. Dargis had doesn't know if his brother was dead or not. All he knew was that he was gone. This gave him the determination to fight. He was determined to fight for his father and eventually find his brother. As much as he didn't want to tell his mother he did. He told her how he was going to go out there and do great things and avenge his father. She disagreed but said " If this is what you want then so be it. " She tells him not to get killed and gives him a goodbye kiss. 

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1. Name: Niels 2. Age: 24 3. Experience: Played one session in college, and am just getting back into it years later. Slightly rusty gameplay wise, but willing to learn. 4. Time Zone and Availability: Eastern standard time, available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursday anytime between 10:00am to 8:00pm. Fridays are also doable, but unlikely. 5. Character's Name: Zilimlith 6. Race: Drow 7. Class: Cleric 8. Background Story: Cleared with the DM.
Sending invites at the end of today. If you are interested, put in your application.
Name: Carl Age: 41? Experience: Been a gamer since original D&D. Time Zone and Availability: CST Most times after 8:00pm Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat,Sun. C haracter's name: Servant Race: Elan Class: Forsaker Background Story:  PROLOGUE Davis Altoon was a powerful young man. His noble title was put to good use as a Baron. He was rising in the circles of power, doing what was necessary to advance his career and the fortunes of his house. His power base grew quickly due to the help of his Regent Tavin. Tavin was a man of magic, a shaper of the weave. He used his considerable talents to advance the fortunes of Davis Altoon, evening conspiring with him to murder Davis' father to promote the young man to the head of his family. Due to Tavin's influence, spies, and magical arts, Davis Altoon soon became one of the most influential Barons on the council. As the other Barons tried to move against Davis, they realized that they must remove his protector, Tavin. Spending enormous amounts of time and money, they formed a secret coalition to gather evidence against the dark wizard. At last, armed with their proof, they were going to reveal it at the Barons' yearly council, thereby striking a mortal blow to the Altoon family. Tavin's spies, however, ferreted out the plan and came to Davis with the information to develop a counter plan. Knowing that some of the more moral members of the Barons' council were going to use Regent Tavin's dark studies to sink Davis in the council standings and advance themselves, he preempted such an investigation by outing the man himself. After years of closely working together, Davis knew his Regent's secrets, the meeting places, the dark works he had done. With the statement that Davis Altoon was going to remove corruption from the land and he was beginning by getting his own house in order, he revealed that he had found out his own Regent was a practitioner of the Dark arts and had been plotting to take over the Altoon family. Tavin was outraged that he should be thrown to the dogs and from his circle of judgement, he vowed before all the Barons that he would have his revenge on Davis Altoon, be it in this life or the next. Davis had prepared a highly paid assassin to deal with Tavin in his prison cell. When news reached Davis that Tavin had been killed by another prisoner while awaiting trial, his relief was profound. Two problems solved and a kingdom within his grasp. Unknown to Davis, the body that was removed from the prison tower was NOT that of his one time confidant, but the very assassin that was sent to deal with Tavin. Tavin made good his escape.............. BACKSTORY Jarus Altoon was a talented young man, but not overly so. He was nothing special at swordplay and he tired of learning tactics and warfare training. Though he enjoyed his families money quite liberally. His station as the 3rd son of the Altoon family allowed him the privilege of learning what he wanted and the freedom to apply it how he willed. He was always smaller than his brothers and as the third son received only cursory attention from his father Davis. This always grated on him as he craved his father’s attention as do all young boys. But father always seemed to favor the other two. Being that they were only two years apart and Jarus was 5 years behind them, he always seemed left out of the grooming that was done. He was always the baby, too young for this, too weak for that, “wait until you’re older”, “you can’t do what your brothers do”. He might have accepted that lot in life and been another ne’er do well 3 rd son of a noble had it not been for the timely arrival of an old hedge wizard to the Barony. This man, old Sammis as he was called, befriended the friendless baron’s son and offered himself to Davis as a teacher for the boy. The boy it turned out, had some talent in him to manipulate the weave and old Sammis would teach him the basics in exchange for a place to live and the right to sell his services as a local hedge wizard. He would never be able to teach the child great magics, but he could certainly cover all the basics with him. Upon Baron Davis’ agreement, old Sammis took the young boy under his wing and began to give him instruction into all things magical. He offered these lessons ostensibly to curry favor with the great house of Altoon, but Jarus cared not for the old man’s reasons. Little did he know, but these lessons had a dark purpose. Slowly but surely, old Sammis was setting the stage. He fed the young boy's desire for attention and respect. Ignored by his family, Jarus looked elsewhere for connection and acceptance. He found this with old Sammis. As Jarus’ skills with magic grew, Sammis colored his perception of Jarus’ family. “They never respected you”, “They can’t understand your ability and they will fear it”, “You have 10 times the worth of your brothers and they will notice and begin to hate you for it”, “Your father will realize that he has made a grave mistake when you show your mastery of the weave”, “You will blossom as others finally recognize you as the only truly capable heir to the family Altoon”. As Sammis turned Jarus against his brothers, so too did he fill Jarus’ heart with the poison of power and feed the young man’s ego. As his skill manipulating the weave developed, Jarus’ hunger for knowledge and power grew. He would never inherit the Altoon family crest, not with his brothers in the way. But this, THIS was a way to limitless power. It would dwarf whatever meager opportunities lay at the head of a paltry noble title. He would reach out to the powers that be and would know TRUE power. Those who warned against such things did so out of fear. They knew they could not control the magic and so they turned others from its path in order to keep the power for themselves. Jarus knew that all it required was the right rituals and the will to make it happen. With this, he would have all the riches and power that a person could want. Everyone would HAVE to respect him then. They could no longer dismiss him as “the Baron’s extra son”. He would have won. Using his magical knowledge, Jarus opened a portal to an ugly place and summoned an unspeakable horror. It was through this method that he made pacts and promises in exchange for pledges of power and knowledge. His road was set. Knowing he could control the powers he summoned, he reveled in his new found source of information. With these benefactors, Jarus drank in what they gave him. He was a smart young man and had a powerful will to succeed. As he learned, others around him could see a change. As they mentioned these things to Jarus, he could see the envy in their eyes and could hear the fear in their voices. They obviously would want to keep him from reaching his potential. The worst of all were his brothers. He could positively FEEL their animosity and knew that unless he took steps, they would be his downfall. They were crafty, no one else seemed to see the machinations in which they were engaging, making him look bad in front of father to enhance their own position. Always showing off the things they were good at while placing him in the most embarrassing situations possible. He knew things were bad but one day as they were sparring in the courtyard, there was a “slip of the sword”, and Jarus was almost impaled. Of course everyone thought it was an accident, but Jarus KNEW that his brother had tried to kill him. With that realization, he knew he must take steps to protect himself. Going to old Sammis with his fears, his old teacher guided the young man, always feeding his fears and paranoia. That, accompanied by his descent into darkness through his pacts made with summoning demons twisted the young man’s heart and soul. This lifestyle progressed and worsened until Jarus ended up eliminating his two brothers by “accidental”means. When his father realized the truth and confronted his son, old Sammis was there to witness his triumph. The vengeance of Tavin against Davis Altoon was complete. As Sammis revealed himself as the long disappeared ex Regent Tavin, only then did Jarus understand. His father’s house broken, and he the instrument of it all, the look on his father’s face as the old man understood what had been done to him. It all came crashing down around Jarus as he realized what he had become. In that moment he lashed out against old Sammis and summoned a demon. Unbeknownst to him, however, Sammis (Tavin), had suborned that particular demon and corrupted the summoning, causing the demon to turn on the Altoons. As the demon ripped through his father, Jarus’ mind broke. The power he had sought, the control he thought he had, all illusions crafted by an evil mind. Everything he had supposedly done to enhance his position in the world had led him inexorably toward this ultimate conclusion, he would be the instrument of destruction against his own family line. All because he sought to build himself up and listened to temptation rather than the sound counsel of love and humility. In this, his most anguished moment he called upon the universe to take him if it would and let his evil actions be erased. To this humble, repentant, and honest prayer, the light responded. Jarus awoke in the presence of the light, a radiance so powerful and bright it could not be looked upon. This was the light of the world and to feel its caress could bring the greatest joy or the most horrible pain depending on the heart of the individual. Faced with his past evils, Jarus faced an agony he had never known. He could not bear to be in the presence of this pure goodness. He begged for forgiveness and knew he would never be worthy of it when a voice from the brilliance spoke. Jarus would be given an opportunity to redeem his immortal soul, but he would have to give up everything that he had sought in his attempt to create his own greatness. He would lose his very identity as a servant of the Light, until he proved himself worthy to stand in its presence. As he had sought dominion of magic to propel him on the road to power, so now would he have to forsake this same power completely in order to draw upon the blessings of the light. As he had consorted with the most heinous evils in his working of dark magic, so now would he be required to root out supernatural evil wherever possible and protect humanity, the very race he had sought to dominate. As he had sought riches and power, now he must forsake completely the material things of the world. If he could resist the temptation to follow after these things, the Light would then infuse him with power, and let him shine as a beacon for the world. As he had sought evil knowledge in order to control others and raise himself up, so now would he be placed in a time and place where he knew nothing, yet he must uphold the ideals of the light and protect the world from darkness and evil. As he had sought to make himself a great name and stand above others at any expense, he must now give up his very identity to be a servant of the Light. No longer would his name be his to use, he would be a nameless champion of goodness. Not a mere servant of some petty deity, he would have to rise above such things. He would serve the Light of the World itself and all that is good and noble, without regard to pantheon or portfolio. This was his chance at redemption, this was his chance to atone………….. He wakes up as a young man with nothing to his name and only muted memories of his past life. He remembers enough to understand very clearly how others end up on the road they walk. This gives his almost supernatural insight into the workings of others motivations (hence his very high wisdom score). Having touched great evil he can clearly empathize with those who travel that path. He knows not what the Light has in store for him yet he will walk this path in faith that he was placed here to fulfill his mission of shining light into dark places.
Last day for applications, I've sent invites; but there are always room for more.
Name: Gary Age: 30 Experience: Been playing 5E since the core books were published. Have played AD&D, Pathfinder, WoD and several other tabletop games. Experienced DM as well.  Time Zone and Availability: EST, I have a job with a ton of work-life balance, so my availability is pretty open. Tues-Thurs during the day are tough, however.  Character's Name: Vangor Race: Half-Orc Class: Warlock (Hexblade) Background: Vangor struggles constantly with the sins of his father. A follower of Orcus. It is his birth-right to follow in his father's footsteps, and attain great power, power which has manifested itself into a massive axe wielded by Vangor. It calls to him, urges him to battle.  Unable to resist its urges to commit acts of violence, Vangor has pledged himself to only fight those who are deserving. To fight to protect the weak. His mother was an elf, whose tribe was slaughtered by Vangor's father. The father, Ferrol, hid the mother away however, taken aback by her beauty. Eventually she forgave him, and they fell in love. However Orcus called on his servant to kill his wife on Vangor's 8th birthday.  And so Vangor has pledged to avenge his mother, by killing his father. He took to the streets of Waterdeep, and became a pick-pocket in order to survive. Never forgetting his code, Vangor only targeted the wealthy, or those who showed signs of gluttony and waste. Now that he is of age, Vangor trains relenetlessly in his quest for revenge.