[5e OGL] Default Settings Not Saving

When attempting to save default settings related to the character sheet, such as "Add Dex Tiebreaker to Initiative" or "Add Character Name to Templates", I cannot get the changes to actually save. I check the box, or otherwise change the setting, but as soon as I tell it to save, it all disappears and reverts to the default version of the defaults. I have checked in the game after doing so, and it indeed does not change any defaults within the game. New character sheets still use the default defaults. The more general default settings, such as the default map size and dynamic lighting settings, all work with no problem. If it matters/helps, I am using Firefox. Thank you very much for any assistance.
Change to Chrome. Firefox has been known to have difficulty with this feature. The devs are looking into the issue though, but no results yet.
Thank you very much. Switching to Chrome to set the defaults worked.