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[LFP] D&D 5E Mondays 20:15 CST / GMT-6

Greetings, Looking for 1-3 players for our current dungeon crawl.  Combat heavy game designed for me to test out my scripts and get mechanically proficient with Roll20.  (Though my players DID manage to not fight something for the first time as they negotiated and parlayed their way through the encounter.  Must be the new guy we picked up) :-) A beginning foray into Roll20 with the Yawning Portal's adventure pack. Superheroes (or Supervillains) against great odds. From humble beginnings, the universe calls its chosen, to seek out and overcome the ultimate threats to existence.   This game uses published modules with a fair amount of story alteration based on the group.  We have several characters still alive but without players to run them, or you can create your own as you see fit.  You WILL need a backup character.  Some of you will need a backup of your backup.  If you need more than that, you need to stop acting stupid and be more careful. :-) j/k..............sorta. If you have interest let me know.  I'll try and answer your questions.
Sounds interesting. I'd like a shot at, well, running this crucible. Name: Michael G. Character: Chandor Daltos Race/Class: Human/Cleric (Life Domain) Background: Outlander (I play him a bit as a tribal shaman) Experience: Have played and GM'd  5e games on Roll20 As you mentioned, I have a couple of backup characters as well that could be easily substituted.