Below are some common issues as frequently asked questions we see here in the Bug Report Forum, if you are still having issues, feel free to check out in our  Submitting Bug Reports Thread ! Refund Requests & Gift Mistakes For any and all refund requests or gifting errors, for your security and privacy- please contact us directly at WebRTC Issues Please carefully work through our Audio Visual Troubleshooting being sure to provide the console log as outlined in  Step 4 from the Solving Technical Issues guide. Once complete, please post your results in the feedback thread . Chat Malfunctions A game's Creator is often able to fix issues with their Text Chat by clearing the Chat Archive (note: not clearing your current Chat Log ). A GM might want to copy/back up the Chat Archive before the Creator clears it. Game does not load If you are having trouble joining your game, it might be an issue with server connectivity. You can keep track of all our servers here . If you see that the servers are down, please keep checking the site and our Twitter for the most up-to-date information on the issue. If you do not believe this is the cause of your problem, please feel free to create a bug report as outlined in our  Submitting Bug Reports Thread ! Unable to find a marketplace purchase This guide on How to Access Marketplace Content provides information on accessing any marketplace purchase you own. If you still find that you are having issues, please contact us directly at