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Question about Table on Tablet


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Before I decide to subscribe at the Pro level I'd like to find out more about the "Table on Tablet" feature because that's the only thing I want that isn't in Plus. I was thinking of casting an iPad onto my OLED TV for a board while I GM'ed from my laptop. The players will use physical dice and character sheets while I use macros and load maps with dynamic lighting. So I have these questions: 1. Do my players need to have a subscription for it to work? 2. How good is it? Is it responsive and smooth? Or should I just cast from another laptop instead? 3. If you used Table on Tablet before could you tell me how you found it? 4. I noticed the forum for tablets is archived too.. has roll20 stopped supporting the feature?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
I can speak to 1 and 4.  1.  The feature is enabled for Games created by an active Pro subscriber. Your players would have access to the feature in a game if you are a pro subscriber and created the game.  4. The Tablet App is wholy difference from the Table on Tablet Perk. The forum for the Tablet App got very little traffic (and most of it bug reports) so they decided it was better handled in other forums (specific use and bugs) If you want to try it, PM me and I’ll invite you to a game where you can poke about. 
Thanks for the offer. Just being assured of point 1 means that I can test it on my own without worry.
Hah, apparently it works great on the xbox one browser! Don't need the tablet at all