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Recap [by Mike] While Adam is in post-recovery mode ... Sol gives the recap as a transmission back home. (Pretty straightforward, except that he Does Not Want for Adam to explore the Sepiaverse. Ghost Girl! What-the-what? She's in the Sepiaverse, and has sensation and is alive. The cemetery is pretty beat up. Limbs are tingly. When far enough away, the radio lights light up. And ... But she's still connected with the In-Between. Takes more work to feel through the shadows. The more she concentrates on her powers, the less living-ness she feels. But no visions of the past plantation life like last time. Gary is dead. No activity. But GG has a pulse, and is breathing. Trying to deal with the sitch. Original purpose was to put the radio down and get back. Cemetery looks like it was shelled -- lots of craters. She can fly -- but it's *hard*. It's exhausting. But can see that her lower half is getting hazier. Perhaps this isn't the best place to conduct these experiments. Leo's armor goes haywire, and GG steps out of the mausoleum, brushing herself off. Sort of glowing, as parts of her body fade in and out. Moving from one slice of bread to the next. She changes back to being a ghost for now. GG shares what happened. Decides to sit down on a gravestone, disregarding who she's sitting on. Leo suggests she not cross over too often, as it leads to some sort of dead patch that's expanding. She will ponder what being corporeal means. Will talk with some folk who don't remember anything about Vyortovia. Link! Going back to check on things. Where do Pneuma and Numina want to be? Closer together, or further apart? They're still talking when Link gets back to the Compound. Both of them need a break from the conversation. They give each other long eye contact (in lieu of a hug), something they hadn't been doing before. Link and Otto hop back to the Gale estate. Wants to make sure Pneuma's doing well. "It's a lot to process. Thanks -- you have been great . Really great in what cannot be an easy thing to deal with." Adam! It's morning. Dad didn't get home at normal time, "caught up in some work stuff." have a good day at school. Maybe meet him at the bus stop on the school end? On the bus: Sol is checking in. Has Adam attended studies without sleep in the past (vs being in the regenerative state as he was last night). Thoughtful sound. Want to gauge the impact on his performance. Trying to gather information for the Concordance ... and also a little worried. Not likely to collapse for several days. Three junior girls come to the seat in front of Adam, chase away the frosh tere, and they sit facing backward. "Hi, Adam. How are you?" Adam's seen them. Theater clicque. Want him to show up for try-outs. "You're just the right si--smartness. You should try out and have some fun! It would mean so much to everybody else." Adam is blushing. All the blushing. Sol: should I administer sedatives to you or to these females? Offers to show up for try-outs tomorrow (have something tonight). They extort a promise for him to show up -- "I'll do my best." The last girl, as the others have left, lets him know with a murmur that he can also join the tech crew, with her. The other two girls are, when Adam gets off the bus, talking to Adam's dad. Who is smiling and nodding, politely. Dad asks him about the play. And about the girls. Dad -- "I had a talk with Mr Quill this morning." "How is he?" "He's fine. He thinks very highly of you. I think he feels very badly about how the evening went. I think all three of us feel badly about that, woudldn't you say?" Adam nods. "We had a very honest talk. He feels very strongly that the best place for you is with ... them. What do you think about that? Is it working?" Adam: "I don't now. But it's working better than not doing anything." Proud Adam's not willing to do nothing. Not sure about all of this, on top of being in high school. I'll talk to your mom about this. YOur Mr Quill convinced me to let it go a little longer until another option comes along. We're okay. We're okay? "We're okay." "Are you okay" "I'm better." Hand on the head affection waggle. Day goes by in a bit of a blur. Harry! Snooping around Mom to find out more about the meeting? Nope. Not mentioning it. Harry's in dance class. Trying not to think about only two periods left. A10 with Harry. Leans over -- "So ... you're meeting with the HHL tonight? That's kind of big league, man." "Uh ... yeah!" "Was i not supposed to say something? Are you okay?" "It's like going and seeing relatives over the holidays." "Oh, you probably know a lot of them." She's doing the team thing, too. Some of her teammates are kind of jerks, but it's been cool. "The guy coaching us is having us do out of town stuff? How do you find time to train?" ... "You like totally never train, do you?" "If Tatanka asks about school, just don't talk about dance class. Is that cool?" "I just think ... it's really great to ... have someone ... to talk to ... who understands all this stuff." She invites him to give her a call after the meeting. Harry sets up text alerts for A10's groups. Leo and Adam Leo finds Adam over lunch. Adam is watching musicals. Leo is avoiding Taz. Leo ... Pneuma has been going through a tough time. You really did some nice stuff for her. Thank you. Thanks, Leo ... that means a lot. I dropped Jason out of the sky last night. I want to say thank you for that, too. He kind of tried to attack my dad. Why? Have you met my dad? He can be kind of intense. Are you still receiving people's thoughts? [THIS ONE IS FINE LASER RIFLE OF EMOTIONS AND QUALITIES. ALL THE NEGATIVE ONES ARE UNDER GREAT PRESSURE, AND ONLY ALLOWED OUT AS JETS OF MAGMA. HE COULD BE EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE.] No, no, they're still coming, but they're a lot more mellow." Leo offers to talk with him and Sol some time. Again, thanks for being nice to Pneuma. Shit's gone crazy. [THE PNEUMA BEING IS UNIQUE TO THIS WORLD. IT IS GOOD THAT WE HELP. THEY ARE A NEW LIFE FORM.] (Sol makes a pun -- "WHEN CAN WE GO FOR A RIDE IN THE OTTO?" -- then points it out.) (Sol is trying to do more language processing, because Adam focuses on it so much.) Sol asks permission to use Adam's voice. IT WAS AN HONOR TO BE ABLE TO HELP YOUR SOUL PARTNERS / MATES / ARE YOU MATING? / SOUL MATES? It's complicated. WHILE I HAVE CONTROL OF THE MOUTH ... he eats a French Fry. Very intresting and disgusting. (Adam +Savior, for the support given to Pneuma; get some conditions removed.) Before end of school, get text from Mom about the HHL meeting tonight. Go ahead and meet up with the rest of your team. Just don't ride in the same car as last night, winkyface. The Quill Foundation 4ish. Harry is hungry. Text from Pneuma. "Do we all go? What should we do?" Leo: consider her part of the team. "We will be the rescue team." She and Otto will stay at the Gale house. ... Jason spots Adam. He was seeming very preoccupied and inside his head, but he is *worried* when he sees Adam. Apologizes. [HE IS BEING HONEST. YOU SHOULD SHOW SOME COMPASSION.] Yeah, you're under a lot of stress. Probably really hard for you right now. It was a dick move. It won't happen again. (Curt nod of agreement.) Do you think I can do it? <yes> [Adam gets Influence] ... /// Adam , who has the easiest time on the team? Who has their shit together? Harry . GG , of the boys, who has themselves worked out? Has their eyes on the prize? Leo . (The most focused, anyway) Jason , who do you envy the most? Charlotte (she's dead, and doesn't have to worry about this shit?) /// Munchies gone. Munchies reloaded. Jason advises not getting filled up. Charlotte notes that it's best Harry is stressed out over the whole meeting. Can GG or Concord give us team telepathy? Adam ... hey maybe we should be layering background noise, to block any monitoring? Leo -- no, we have to show we are competent, that's all. Harry and Adam play the Don't Get Us In Trouble card. GG - first time we've been this deferential. Earlier ... GG took some stones from around her grave, considering the Possession power. She does it on a stone. And she's *sure* that you'll be able to talk with the others, linked telepathically. Avoiding all that stupid "cell phone" stuff. Charlotte's rocks! She fires the rocks up! Focus on sharing with each other. Feel the warmth of the rock. Vision fades ... Charlotte is feeling constrained, like she's looking through a box.  Concord is filled with nervous energy.   Jason feels disconnected and floaty. Leo is in Jason's body FUCKING OF COURSE. Harry is suddenly hovering in mid-air ... We're all in different bodies. But at least we're all telepathically linked. Numina holographically walks in. "Well, I think it's time for you to get -- wait, what?" Post-Game Processing Jason: Closer - Adam. (+Mundane, -Superior) Link: Closer - Adam - (+Superior, -Freak) Charlotte: Closer - Leo (+Savior, -Mundane) Harry: Closer - Adam (+Freak, -Mundane) Adam: Closer - Jason (gains Influence)
While Adam is in post-recovery mode ... Sol gives the recap as a transmission back home. (Pretty straightforward, except that he Does Not Want for Adam to explore the Sepiaverse. Well there are three easy to miss bits in that recap: Solaris referred to itself as Sol by accident and re-transmitted to leave that bit out; in a moment that could be concern, Sol referred to Agent Amari as Adam and similarly wiped that from the record (Adam is having some sort of impact on the damaged Sol); finally, the last line--"Initiated Host Recovery Mode to access Host Underlying Consciousness Pathways. More updates later.--has some... concerning implications about why Sol wanted to initiate Host Recovery Mode and needed consent before performing it.

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*** Dave H. said: FUCKING OF COURSE. And that's when the afternoon went from good to great .
Also relevant.
Hopefully not relevant: Probably not relevant (but still comedy gold)
Well there are three easy to miss bits in that recap I did indeed miss them -- thanks for the (concerning) corrections!
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Random stressful moments for next time. Mostly an excuse for me to dredge up amusing images. 1. Adam!Harry is cornered by A10 who asks him about personal details, slips with "yeah, I'm 12", and she's like 2. Charlotte!Leo isn't a chemistry whiz any more and Taz is like 3. Harry!Adam finally realizes first-hand what's driving Adam's emotional issues: theater girls.
Okay, that made my evening. Especially the last one. 
It also took a bit, but I think I've got a second music mix for Leo, covering issues 11 to 18 or so?