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"How do timezone differences work?" doesn't work


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Pierre S.
In the Games, Join a Game section, I click "Advanced Search Options" and there is a blue underlined phrase near the bottom "How do timezone differences work?"  When I click it, nothing happens.  I'm not sure if there is any useful information to impart here or whether it is discontinued. I tried it using Internet Explorer and also Google Chrome, but with either one nothing happens. Please check it out when you can.  Thanks.

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well i can say that the game details page will show you the time based on your devices timezone so if the game sets a start time the system will adjust what it shows you accordingly. in other words the gm will set the time according to their timezone but the system will show you the time based on your devices timezone.&nbsp; post 3 in this thread concurs&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Sheet Author
API Scripter
It's not linking to &nbsp;anywhere (although it is a link); it just uses a title attribute to say what it needs to when you're hovering your mouse over it: You should be able to get the same thing on mobile with a long-press.
Pierre S.
Oh, okay!&nbsp; Yes, I know that's how the time-displays work, always translated to your zone. However, since&nbsp;the line is&nbsp;blue and comes up as underlined, the natural tendency is to click the line instead of hovering, and once they click they will never get the message even if they hover over it.&nbsp; If you have some way of amending it to allow the message to display when clicked as well, it would not be missed.
i am sure a friendly mod may inform the proper party about that in due time&nbsp;
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Devs have been pinged and will respond as they will :)
Roll20 Team
Hi everyone! This certainly falls under a UI/UX sort of wheelhouse, so I will be passing it on to the devs to see if we can't make it a bit more clear as to the function of this element. Thank you!