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Slowness on Saturday evenings?

Sheet Author
API Scripter
We've been enjoying the roll20 very much. Using it every weekend to play our tabletops. But last 2 weekends we seem to notice some weird behavior. (we are on dev server) Such as some API scripts not triggering reliably, or players 'disappearing' from the logged in list at the bottom right. Seems to only happen on Saturday evenings/nights. I can play with the sessions all day friday noon time testing things, and sunday all day, and its good. For example we have a script that does rolls, and looks up in a table a random event. We'd have to roll it 3-4 times to get a result, no debug in the API window or anything on the 'missed' ones. And we almost always had at least one person missing from the bottom right list, they would show up, then 30 minutes later someone else disappear. They could still move, and access everything, just not listed as being in the game. Not sure if its just a fluke, or maybe load on things with a lot of other people playing on weekends?
Sheet Author
Same issue here, though Saturday afternoon/evening in the West Europe timezone. Seems quite logical to me though since Saturday afternoon in that timezone is pretty much the only day & time available world-wide for groups to play together. Sundays are often more "family oriented" or "recuperating from Saturday night craziness" :)
Saturday nights are indeed the busiest time for us. Definitely the last two weekends especially we've seen a tremendous increase in the number of concurrent users (increased something like 20% from one week to the next). At this point we think we've added the capacity to handle the growth, so hopefully this Saturday you shouldn't see any issues. If you're seeing issues with the API server in particular this Saturday, let me know and I'll take another look.