[Genesys] Looking for players/co-GMs for a Superhero game

 I'm looking to run a Superhero game. I could use some players. It's not a requirement, but willingness to GM a session on occasion would be a huge plus. The setting will be a large city with lots of superheroes and villains based in it (Think the New York City of the Marvel universe). It will be a very episodic campaign, think of it as a weekly 3 hour one shot. It will also be very play-testy. We can home-brew different approaches to superpowers together to see what works. We will play on Mondays from 9-12 EST.
I would love to join a superhero game... have not played one in like six years and would love the chance to do so again.  Don't know anything about Genesys system as of yet, don't even have the book yet, but given time and a chance to get familiar with the system I could be talked into run a game or so. Time and day works great for me... which voice chat system dose the game use?
We'll be using Discord. There is a PDF of the book on Drivethru rpg for $20. But if you haven't had time to pick it up before we start, we can build a character together on over discord. I'll send you an invite. 

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I would love to play a Supers game! Can we adapt ideas from past comic books by chance? I'd love to play a character with Hawk Armour (Darkhawk from Marvel). I'll play anything - I just love the Hawk Armour concept. I don't have the book, but I would also be willing to run a session once in a while. I'd rather play, as I am almost always end up as GM.
What power level of superheros are you thinking about? and which system is it? 
The system that describes the Hawk Armour is the Advanced Marvel RPG. It has not been updated since. Darkhawk was a powerful "street level" mantel. He was with the New Warriors for a while, though he was the most powerful except Nova.

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This is in the Genesys system, which is the generic version of the FFG Star Wars game. The core rulebook has the basic rules, and a page of extra stuff for Superhero themed games in the back of the book. Beyond that, we will be home brewing powers that don't appear in the book to see how they work. We will play at 9 pm east on Mondays. Are you still interested?
Absolutely. Just need help with the character.