[LFPs] [D&D] [5E]

Hello fellow RP players. I currently have a group of 2 players, we had three but, 1 player had step away from the table for a while. So currently I am looking for at least two more players to join in our game. Experience is not required, but I would prefer to have players that are comfortable with rping. My world can have a lot of RP and a lot of combat. Just depends on what the party decides to do. My current players have been with me for over 2 years. They enjoy getting deep into the lore, and making sure the party as a whole is in the action together. So if you're looking for a long running story, and would like to know more. Please reply with a comment below. Oh and we play Friday night at 830EST. Currently looking at maybe going bi weekly soon.
Hey!  I'd be interested in hearing more.  I'm based in DC and looking for an online game to play in between my group's campaign.  Shoot me a PM!
Hey, I'd be keen to learn more about the specifics. I'm fairly experienced and would be keen to pick up a game.
Hey, I'm interested in joining a game. If you've still got spots available, shoot me a message.
I would be interested in joining. Really wanting to get back into some D&D and do some actual roleplay
I'm interested in being a part of your campaign. I'm an avid roleplayer and deep well thought out lore is something I love in tabletop games, so I should mesh well with your group. Please reply or message me with details if you're still looking for players!
I'd love to know more about the house rules, character creation, and such. Friday nights is a good time for me, so I'd love to have more information.
I am interested in playing. I love RP and can play any class that is needed. I live in Atlanta and I have tons of time after 8PM.