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Problem with the ColorEmote Script + A Question on modifying it


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In attempting to set up the coloured emotes script by Aaron, our group is consistently having a problem where it's aligned to the left, or just isn't filling the vignette boxes (of any style) appropriately. The obvious workaround is to create images that already have a border, but it'd be probably be more useful if we knew why the script was doing this. We haven't modified it at all - it's causing this issue out of the box (as linked below). Additionally, is there any way to modify Coloured Emotes to instead have a background image? If so, where to do it (and guidance on how) would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)
The Aaron
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API Scripter
Hmm.  It's because he image isn't square.  I was trying something different with the styling on this script, so bear with me on the changes... =D Take out line 78: 'margin-right':'.5em' Change lines 187-188 (width and height to max-width and max-height):         defaults.css.emoteImageContainer['max-width'] = imageScales[state.ColorEmote.config.imageScale];         defaults.css.emoteImageContainer['max-height'] = imageScales[state.ColorEmote.config.imageScale] That should allow it to snug up the vignette boxes to the shape of the image (though you might still get some artifacts around the edges). For a background image, the background-color is set on line 217.  The color comes in from the parser functions starting on line 557.  If you just want to put in a background across the board, you could change the background-color line on 217: background: url('http://some/url/to/an/image/_/anywhere/is/fine.') If you want to do anything more complex that that, it will be a fair bit harder...
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Color Emote is such a great API script for Roll20. My games wouldn't be as good without it, coloring up the chat and giving Players more of a colorful reason for writing in-character-voice.  My players often keep a "second game" of Roleplaying dialog happening in the color-emote chats, even while the main game and combat proceeds in voice and on-map. Would love to see this script to be refined, developed further, and add into the One-Click installs, The Aaron! I'm very happy with the background color mechanism, at least when I have the script configured like I like, it pulls the background color from the "Aura 2" color of whatever Token is talking. This means that as DM, I can go around and set Talking emote-colors for each Monster and NPC, for example a Vampire might speak with a black or red background color. Each PC has their own readily identifiable color. My question, can anyone post a screenshot example if you set a Background image? I'm curious how that would look, and what you could do with that; what sort of background would you choose that would work for different text-length postings?