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Is it possible to pin two tokens together so they become one? yet still independant.

I'm making a Car Wars like D&D/Board game to play in Roll20, i want to have a weapon token (top down view) on top of a wheeled vehicle and be able to as per usual move a vehicle around the map whilst at the same time in doing so the mounted weapon token also move with the car in place, and then when combat comes into play i can swivel the mounted gun on car towards target. Is this possible in Roll20? If this is not possible then i guess the mounted guns will have to be added to car when there is combat and removed when no combat which is less immersive and also other players wont know what weapons their rivals have visually at least.
There is an API script (a Pro subscription feature) that could do this for you. Don't recall the name of it though (something like MOUNTS I think).
Arthur B
API Scripter
Maybe you can solve it with a  rollable table token ?
You could Group the car and turret.  Then ungroup them when you want to turn just the turret.  Right-click menu option. Note:  Grouped objects sometimes act funky if you click on them and move them too fast.  So I personally find it a pain to group objects that I plan to move often.  But it might work for you.
Thanks for all your suggestions. I will go with Grouping for now. It can be a little tricky as sometimes you click on the top token and that For those new as well how to group; Use the selection tool as per any other app that uses one like a paint editor.. "While a group of graphics is selected, clicking on the Group option from the Advanced menu will bind the graphics together into a singular moveable block. You can remove grouping by selecting Ungroup ." Unfortunately it doesn't look like there is a hotkey for grouping, so every time you have combat you will have to manually ungroup to independently turn the turret around and then regroup both tokens when moving the vehicle again.  It really would be handy if there was hotkeys for this. But at least i can group both of them so there is that.

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Arthur B said: Maybe you can solve it with a  rollable table token ? This might be the most detailed way to do it without the API.  Make a series of 8 tokens per car with the turret-mounted weapon pointing in each direction (front, back, 90 left, 90 right) and the diagonals, and set up a rollable table for each car.  Then to change turret facing they'd right click their token > multi-sided > choose side > move the slider to whichever direction the turret is facing. Set up the table and the tokens first, and then save it as the default token for the sheet.  I just did something similar for a wizard in my 3.5 game with their polymorph forms.